Friday 6 February 2015


We asked readers to tell us about their fave Cathy Cassidy character… here's what they said!

Sydney says:
My fave CC character is Coco Tanberry from Coco Caramel, because she is SO like me. Both of us love animals and are daring… and we are also the same age and the youngest sibling! When I read about her, I feel as if I have an identical twin, and as though that character is real and really understands me. My favourite part if where she steals the ponies, as it shows that there is nothing Coco wouldn't do for animals. She is my hero!

Jess says:
My fave Cathy Cassidy character is Finn from Dizzy, because he's so caring. He also plays the tin whistle and likes piano, flute and festivals, just like me, except that I don't play the flute! (I would if I could learn another musical instrument!)

Tia says:
My fave character - well, it's actually two characters! It is Summer and Skye Tanberry. I feel like they are me split in half, and I love their stories. I love history and vintage clothes and decor; and I also do dance, although not ballet!

Emily says:
My fave character is Coco because she tries so hard to be the best sister. I love how she pushes herself to the limit for animals. It takes a lot of guts to do that.

Alice says:
My favourite is Summer… she is just so amazing!

Gemma says:
I love Ginger - I feel I can relate to her. I too have had friends who were not true friends. I also feel that she has a lot of personality and is such a unique character.

Chloe says:
My favourite is Scarlett. She is very bold and confident but she also has her weaknesses. I love that she doesn't think before acting and just goes with it even if it ends in total turmoil. She's a sweet girl at heart; it shows that your anger can get the better of you and that you need to learn to control it. It also shows that when you think your world is falling apart, it may be falling unto place!

Jade says:
Scarlett is my favourite too… she is a feisty teen  who knows what she wants out of life and is determined to make it happen. I can relate to some of her troubles, which brings her character to life even more!

Cathy says:
Love these posts… awesome! My all-time fave CC character is Mouse from Dizzy and Lucky Star… naaaww! COMMENT BELOW to tell me yours!


  1. My favourite CC book has always been Gingersnaps. It's basically my autobiography...when I was in year seven I was stuck being friends with a girl exactly like Shannon, then I met my current best friend, an Emily Croft if ever there was one! I met all these people who everyone else thought was weird, but I loved them and now we spend lots of time together playing our instruments. The only difference is I'm at an all-girl's school, and I don't know one girl named Sam Taylor! I always admired Sam, but Ginger was just like me

  2. My faveorite character is coco from chocolate box girls.
    She is so like me, i love adventures and animals!

  3. My favourite CC character is Summer Tanberry, because she inspired me a lot and her feeings touched me so much. Her story came to me, and I really like her ambition to become a prima ballerina and dance on en pointe. I definitely want another book to be written by the point of view of Summer Tanberry!!!

  4. My favourite characters are Coco and Ginger because Coco's obsessed with animals like me and ginger's had the same sort of past as me

  5. My favourite character is Honey Tanberry, as I feel like I can relate to her. I often get in trouble :l so I am most like her

  6. I actually have thre favourite characters: Cherry, Shay (from the Chocolate Box Girls) and Anya from Angel Cake.
    Anya is a sweet character from Poland, which is where I would like to go to when I'm older. Near the end of the story, she and her family almost moved back to Poland. Me and my family almost moved to Australia because my dad was going to work with the RSPCA, but because you had to be under 45, my dad was in fact 47, so we didn't go there.
    You can tell Cherry is quite nervous when she arrived at Tanglewood House. I'm pretty nervous whenever I go really. Apart from that, her accent sounds beautiful on Cathy Cassidy TV.
    Shay sounds cute to me, as what Cherry describes him. You can tell what kind of personality he has, he plays the guitar, he helps out at the sailing center (not that he enjoys), he hangs out with the Tanberry/Costello sisters. He and Cherry ae a perfect match.

  7. I like Anya, Mouse, Sam Taylor, Finch, Skye , Emily, Ginger, Paul and Charlotte!

  8. My favourite character is Skye, because she loves ️VINTAGE and she is really inspirational

  9. Can we have a chocolate box girl movie?

  10. To be honest, I have never read any CC books, but I want to, after the event that Cathy held today.She talked about her new book 'Sweet Honey' and I instantly wanted to read it, along with the other Chocolate Box Girls books.I think that I am most like Cherry and truthfully, I love love LOVE that name!!!Cathy and her books are a huge inspiration to me, and Cathy, If you are reading this, I really admire what you do and I hope that I can become such an outstanding author as you one day.This is my first time commenting, so sorry if It sucks.Thanks-Grace,10, West Midlands,Halesowen

  11. Cathy Cassidy fan!14 February 2015 at 09:38

    I love Cathy's books, so far my fave character is Jude from Sundae girl.
    Keep writing books Cathy.

  12. My favourite character is Cherry Costello, she's so imaginative and creative.I would also like to have her hair!



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