Tuesday 19 May 2015


Reader Elizabeth describes what it's like to be home educated… 

Elizabeth says:
I don't go to school; because of some health issues, I left school in Year Eight, and since then I have been home educated. I really like being taught at home because I don't actually have a typical day - every day is different. For example, I don't always learn things at home - we go out and about, to the theatre, museums, once even to see behind the scenes at a restaurant! When we are at home, I don't just learn my usual subjects - we also do lots of cooking and craft. Many home educated students have tutors, but my mum and dad teach me, which I like.

One of the plus points is that I have lots more free time during the day, because with lessons being one on one, we often work through the curriculum faster than if I was at school. This means I get to chill out with my rabbit and my guinea pig between classes! The only thing I miss about school is being able to be with my friends all day, but I have started having friends over to the house so I do get to see them a bit more often. I've joined a dance class and an art club, and that way I get to meet and see new people. I am lucky to have some new friends who are also taught at home - it's fun to meet up with them now and then!

I am in Year Nine now and I still enjoy learning at home. I am going to be joining an online school soon - this is where you log onto your computer and use your webcam to take part in a lesson with other students and a teacher. I'm really looking forward to starting!

Cathy says:
Elizabeth's account is fascinating… would YOU like to be home educated? What would you miss about school? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I have been home schooled since 2010 since the end of primary school. I did home schooling between primary school too. I'm now 18teen and looking at studying and doing work experience

  2. When I was in primary school I used to research other schools in my local area fervently and would often try to get my parents to consider homeschooling me. I'm talking essays and speeches and temper tantrums. This was because my primary school was a super duper unhealthy learning and friendship environment.... but my parents forced me to keep on going, and eventually secondary school came around and now it's much better because I made new friends and my teachers were better. Nowadays, the thing I WOULD miss most would definitely be having lots of different teachers and (strangely enough) having to wear a nice school uniform...

  3. Love it Beth! Rosie xx

    1. Thank you! From Beth :) x

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