Monday 4 May 2015


Reader Hannah tells us about her pony Little Alf… and how he helped make her dreams come true!

Hannah says:
I love reading (especially CC books!) and from a very young age I have been writing books of my own too. Last year, when I was seventeen, my dream came true and one of those books was published - 'The Magical Adventures of Little Alf: The Discovery of the Wild Pony.' The inspiration for it all was my mini-mini Shetland, Little Alf! He is super small due to having dwarfism but this also makes him super cute at just 28" high!

I then went on and wrote my second book, 'The Magical Adventures of Little Alf: The Enchanted Forest.' Me and Little Alf tour the UK signing books and meeting the public, which we love. It is always amazing to see new faces and old, and the people who follow us to every event! Through my books, I thought it was very important to try and help support a charity, and after researching I decided to go with the RDA - the Riding for the Disabled Association. This therefore means that a percentage of my books goes to the RDA each month. I am now a local volunteer at my local centre and have just completed my first award for the RDA. Little Alf sometimes comes along too, as the children love him!

The book started out as an online blog which almost overnight gained a huge following. Who knew my cheeky little chap could inspire such a loyal fanbase? You can find my blog, books and tour dates at

I am currently writing a teenage book, 'The Travel Girl,' which is due to be published this year. I am so excited about it! I have always wanted to write for a teen audience, being a teenager myself and loving books so much. Last year I counted 350 books on my Kindle - I have been known to read three books in a day! Hopefully in a few years time, my books will be widely recognised. One of my dreams was to write at least one book in my lifetime, and I can't quite believe I am now working on my fourth. Scary but exciting! My advice to anyone out there who would like to write is just 'Go for it.' You have to start somewhere! I did, and I cannot believe how much things have changed for me in the last six months!

Cathy says:
I love Hannah's story… and I am crazy about Little Alf! I will definitely be following his adventures from now on! Have YOU ever had a dream come true? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I hope you mean 'due to be published', not "die to be published"! That sounds foreboding.

    I'm really happy Hannah's managed to achieve her dream and more (plus Little Alf is a sweetie!) but I'm slightly envious too. I'd love to be a writer - I know I have the vocabulary for it - but I have no motivation nor inspiration and my attention span is atrocious. I have a bunch of half finished blog posts waiting to be finished and published and it really shouldn't take that long to write a few paragraphs - imagine how long it would take me to write a full book! Furthermore, what would I write about? Hannah has Little Alf as inspiration. I have cats. I love them but they don't have adventures. They just sleep and clean themselves and Papillon likes to sit as close as possible to me whilst staring at me to make me feel uncomfortable. I can't stretch that out for 200 pages. Even if I did, what if I had to tour and meet people? I can't do that! So I can't be a writer. And although it's great to hear about other people doing well and achieving their dreams, there's always a pang of regret that it's just not possible for me to do the same. But fair play to Hannah and good luck with her new book!

    1. well spotted - have fixed! You know what I think about your writing Blue… go find yourself some discipline and get brave! xxx

  2. Well done Hannah :) It's always nice to come see Little Alf and his big personality.



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