Thursday 28 May 2015


Reader Emily found a very unusual and fun way to raise money for her favourite charity… 

Emily says:
Earlier in May I took part in the Cumbria Colour Run which was held at Carlisle Racecourse. My sister and I signed up for it together to raise money for an amazing charity, the Eden valley Hospice. The hospice cares for many people who are terminally ill, from children through to the elderly, throughout Cumbria. The work they do definitely deserves recognition and support, so we decided they would be our chosen charity.

We arrived at the racecourse on the day and had to queue for about half an hour to register for the run. That queue was so long! We finally registered and were each given a white t-shirt (pristine, but not for long!), a pair of sunglasses and a race number. We headed outside, lost in a sea of white t-shirts and colourful sunglasses. We began with a Zumba style warm up… it was fun, but quite difficult with so many people! After the warm up, we were taken to the racecourse to start the Colour Run - and we were away! There was a huge difference between the runners… some were running, some walking, some had pushchairs… and we were all ages, shapes and sizes!

The run was five kilometres or three miles, which was two laps of the racecourse. I was pretty sure we could do that… but of course, this was no ordinary race! At various intervals, there were stations set up where volunteers had to throw bucketfuls of different coloured powder paint at us. The aim was to get as colourful as possible!

It was an amazing day, and I would really recommend taking part in a similar event if you ever get the opportunity. It was so much fun! All in all, a fantastic experience, and a great way to raise money for a very good cause.

Cathy says:
Wow… that's definitely a new twist on a 5k run! It sounds lots of fun… well done Emily! Have YOU ever done anything to raise money for a favourite charity? COMMENT BELOW to tell us what!


  1. That sounds so fun! :) I'd love to do something like that! (Even though running isn't really my cup of tea!)

    I dye my hair bright colours for charity: the most recent one I have supported is Combat Stress. I have also held a pub quiz with a fancy dress theme for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

    I'm currently setting up my own charity to help victims of bullying in youth organisations, so I'm looking for new and interesting ways of fundraising to raise funds for that.

    1. You could bake cupcakes and decorate them with icing messages that are inspirational which will help the victims of bullying stay strong - it links to what your charity's theme is about.

      Good luck,

      Zarin :-)

  2. Awesome! I'm doing a charity called One Family, It's A Knockout. You go around your neighborhood collecting money (as you do) and on the big day, (they've already informed what team you're in) you find your team, put on a special t shirt that will have your team animal on it, and do stuff like the following: running up a high wall with a wet sponge wall and sliding back down to squeeze the water into a bucket, jumping over a moving stick, bouncy castle maze, and so much more!

    Miri ;)

  3. That's sounds so fun they had it where I live in youth week.



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