Wednesday 30 March 2016


Reader Caitlin is worried about going on her first ever date... can HONEY TANBERRY offer good advice to set her mind at ease?

Caitlin says:
I've just got into a relationship with my crush and we are going on our first date in the Easter holidays. Neither of us have ever dated anyone before and I am really nervous. How can I avoid letting my crush see this? And what do people DO on dates anyway?

Honey says:
You don't say, but I'm going to assume your crush is a boy (if not, apologies, but this advice should work either way!) First of all, he likes you... he's asked you out and arranged to see you in the holidays, so he is probably as nervous as you are. Second of all, a date is meant to be fun... it's a way to get to know each other better. What do people DO on a date? That depends, and you get to have a choice and a say in it too! For the first few dates, it makes sense to plan something fun, so you avoid awkward silences. Choose something that both of you will enjoy - ice skating, a day at the fair, watching a film you both like the look of or going to a sports event could all be good. Doing something specific means there is less chance you'll end up hanging around the street corner, sharing a lone can of lemonade. (That can be fun too, but only once you know each other better!) If you're doing something together, the conversation should come easily. As for that moment at the end of a date when a kiss seems to be on the horizon - try to relax and see enjoy the moment. A kiss is not compulsory - if you don't feel ready, that's fine. Equally, if you want to take the initiative and start the smooch, that's fine too. Remember, a date is all about fun and getting to know your partner better... enjoy every minute!

Cathy says:
Good advice from Honey... what would YOU add? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. She does mention the gender of her crush - "how can I avoid letting him see this" she says. So yeah, he's a boy. Presumably.

    1. My mistake, not Caitlin's... I out 'him' in when transcribing, it's definitely there in the original email. I am an idiot. Thanks for your editing eagle eye, Blue. xxx

    2. I didn't think I'd included genders in the comment, but I don't mind - like it says here, the advice works regardless

  2. I think you should just relax enjoy the moment and have fun

  3. Good advice, I think dates are meant to be a way are getting to know the person well enough to say "Yeah, I want you as my boyfriend/girlfriend". Enjoy it!

  4. The best advice I've ever been given is have your first date somewhere exciting (eg amusement park)... They'll associate the thrill with you!



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