Tuesday 17 June 2014


Ever wondered what it's like to go along to a Cathy Cassidy book signing? Readers AMY & FLORRIE, roving reporters at the recent WATERSTONES BLUEWATER signing, interviewed a few of the queue to find out what they were really thinking…

Amy & Florrie say:
Amy: I applied to be a chocolate fairy at a different signing but there was a mix-up and I couldn't make it. Cathy arranged for myself and Florrie to be her DREAMCATCHER reporters today! We have had SO much fun! Florrie: Today has been great - I loved meeting all the readers and hearing their stories! I can't believe we've been a part of it all and I loved meeting Cathy, too!

Scarlett says:
I've read all of the books and love them, so I was thrilled to be chosen to be a chocolate fairy with my friend Georgia. I applied via the Facebook Fanpage a few weeks beforehand, and I think names were picked out of a hat! We had to give out chocolate, friendship bracelet threads and bookmarks to the queue, which was fun! Everybody seemed really happy and there was a nice buzz about the day.

Katie says:
I'm fifteen and my favourite Chocolate Box Girls book is definitely SUMMER'S DREAM because I love dance. I haven't read all of the books yet, though!

Izzie says:
I was first in the queue… I've been here since about 11am, as soon as the shop opened. Those of us who arrived early have been queuing outside, sitting down. Last year I brought along truffles for Cathy inspired by the sisters in the series, and this year I made and iced a cake to look like the new book SWEET HONEY. Waterstones came and took a picture of it and tweeted it, and Cathy said she would take it in to Puffin to show her cover designer! I was so glad she liked it!

Amy says:
I'm ten and my favourite book is definitely SWEET HONEY but I love DIZZY too! Honey is my favourite Chocolate Box Girl because you never know what she might do next - and it's amazing to find out what she's like behind the drama queen mask!

Hannah says:
I'm fifteen. I've never met Cathy before so I can't quite believe I'm here! I do chat to Cathy sometimes on twitter, though! I've read SWEET HONEY already and I think it's amazing. I am intrigued about the next book, coming in Summer 2014! I have an idea of what - and who - it's about, but I'm not going to give anything away!

Lucy & Sophia say:
Lucy: I've read SWEET HONEY and I won't give anything away, but put it this way, I CANNOT WAIT for the next book, FORTUNE COOKIE! I love that there is more to come in the series. I've gone for Honey's cool girl goth look today, because she's my fave character! Sophia: I haven't read the new book yet - I'm a new Cathy Cassidy reader. I'm reading CHERRY CRUSH at the moment… I thought I'd start at the beginning of the series because I don't want to miss out on anything!

Molly & Harry say:
Molly: Harry is my brother, and we were both so excited about meeting Cathy! We both read the books and we brought along three books each to be signed. I've emailed Cathy a few times in the past, and she always answers. Today has been great! 
Harry: Cathy asked me which of the boy characters I liked best, and I said maybe Shay… she said he was a good choice and that she could tell I was a cool boy like him! She also said she liked my name and might use it in a book one day!

Megan says:
This is my fourth time at a Cathy Cassidy signing at Bluewater. I have all the pictures still and I love the books so I keep coming back! You could say I've grown up with Cathy's books. We arrived early and were right near the front of the queue. I've read SWEET HONEY and it's my favourite now… Honey's personality fascinates me and she's just so dramatic! There are loads of surprises in the story, too!

Cathy says:
A huge thank you to Amy & Florrie, to my chocolate fairies Scarlett and Georgia and to all the amazing readers who came to Bluewater… you may be hearing more from some of them soon! Have YOU ever been to a Cathy Cassidy signing? What was it like? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. i wish I could meet you Cathy!
    I've got all of your books except Bittersweet and all the daizy star books except 1. I can't go to the signings bc I live in aus and you don't come here very often. I wish I could though! Sweet Honey is thebest book I've ever read! sARAH

  2. i so wish that Cathy Cassidy would come to a book signing event at a bookstore called Waterstones. but as live in Ipswich, there aren't many popular attractions here. so there is no chance she would ever come, but i'm still hoping that wish would come true!

  3. Hi I was there too!

  4. I've met Cathy & I think your soooo inspirational and more children should learn from you!!! (Cathy)



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