Saturday 28 June 2014


Stuck for something to read? Check out these suggestions - there's sure to be something awesome to grab your attention!
Sarah Webb says:
I live in Dublin and I love writing for young teens, as I have strong memories of being thirteen! A lot happens at that age - you change schools, your friends go a little crazy, you're supposed to act grown up but at the same time your parents treat you like a child sometimes. I have all my old teen diaries and love reading over them and remembering what it felt like to be a teenager. I also love the emails, letters and Facebook messages that readers send, which make it all worthwhile! My latest book is called AMY GREEN: WEDDING BELLES. Amy and her crazy aunt Clover team up as wedding planners for Amy's mum and stepdad's big day… but when disaster strikes, can they save the party? It's the sixth book in my ASK AMY GREEN series; I'm working on a new series, SONGBIRD CAFE, at the moment!

Dawn Finch says:
As you can see, I've always had books on my mind... and I've been lucky enough to spend my life surrounded by them! I've always written and told stories and can't imagine anything different. Growing up, the library was always my favourite place to be; I loved being able to reach out and grab another world, and that's only possible with books. As a children's librarian I shared thousands of other people's books with young readers, and now I get to share my own too, which is completely awesome!!! My book, BROTHERHOOD OF SHADES is a ghost story set in modern London, and all of the locations in the book are real. It's about a secret organisation of ghosts who aim to protect the world of the Living from the world of the Dead! I think you'll enjoy the book, and if you contact me through my website at I can send you a special edition printable poster of the locations in the book, designed by the wonderful artist Amy Rose.

Lara Williamson says:
Like the character in my first book, I have always believed a little bit of hope can go a long way! That's what happened when I started writing a book; I was working on a teen mag at the time but secretly longed to write a book. It took me a few years to get the book deal of my dreams, but I never gave up hope, and that's why the book ended up with the title A BOY CALLED HOPE. It fits the story and my own feelings about hope perfectly! The book is about eleven year old Dan and his roller-coaster life. Dan's dad has left the family and Dan is determined to bring him back - but it's not easy when your dad's just not interested. Dan's friend Jo gives him a special medal that she says will make his dreams come true... but is that really possible? You'll have to read it to see!

Cathy says:
I can personally recommend these books… if you like them, do give them a try, and COMMENT BELOW to share your own must-reads!


  1. i think that sara webb is a good author for teens, as i have read some of the books she has written.

  2. Sarah Webb actually follows me on Twitter so I'm familiar with her. The book 'Amy Green: Wedding Belles' sounds really cools. I'll keep my eye out for it! Shades and A Boy called Hope seems pretty cool too and I <3 their covers. Inot judging the book BY it's cover! But still, cool covered books always catch my eye! ;o)

  3. I would definitely recommend Sarah Webb and I want to try the other books. I would recommend the girlfriends series by Jean Ure there so good.

  4. I recommend the dork diaries series by Rachel renée Russell. If you have read or heard of the diary of a wimpy kid books by Jeff Kinney they are like dork dairies but they are like a girls version.

    1. I also read the dork diaries series because its better than hearing a boy complain about how stupid girls are,and things like that.

  5. Try The GONE series by Michael Grant, Lockwood and co. and Dork Diaries



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