Sunday 22 June 2014


21st June is midsummer's day, and over the centuries many people gather to celebrate it by watching the sun come up, just as DIZZY does at a festival in my book of the same name. We talked to reader NETTIE who went to Stonehenge this year to celebrate the solstice!

Nettie says:
The Summer Solstice is the most important part of the year at Stonehenge. Each year visitors from around the world gather on the night of 20th June to watch the sunrise above the stones on 21st. It's a one-day festival with the only music being drums, horns, shakers and acoustic guitars. It's the only time of the year that the barriers are down and you can touch the stones.
It is exactly like in DIZZY… there are stalls with facepainters, vans with food and a few small stalls selling handmade items. The fields surrounding Stonehenge are filled with people sitting in groups, waiting for the sun to come up. It's very friendly but you DO need to keep safe and stay with your group… there is security to help if you do get separated. It's also important not to eat or drink anything that isn't from one of the stalls or from one of your group, just to be completely safe.
For pagans, the summer solstice is about worshipping the sun god who is at his strongest on midsummer's day... before winter draws close again. For others, it is just a powerful experience to see the sun rise above the ancient stones and feel that you are a part of something timeless. I have been once before, and a friend was going this year so I took the opportunity to tag along! Even if you only get the chance to go once, it is still an AMAZING experience and a LOT of fun!

Cathy says:
Have YOU ever been to a festival like the ones described in DIZZY? Would you like to? Did YOU celebrate the Summer Solstice? COMMENT BELOW to share your views!


  1. I woke up and saw green light on my ceiling along with white light. The sun was amazing and I didn't even realise it was night for a LONG time! Summer Solstice is the best day of summer!



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