Tuesday 17 June 2014


Have you ever wondered what it was like to go through an important ballet audition, like Summer Tanberry? Reader Georgina knows exactly how that feels...

Georgina says:
I love ballet. I have been dancing since I was just two years old and go to the Stephanie Parrott School of Dance; I am currently working towards Intermediate Foundation and Grade Three... my exam is in June. This year has been really exciting for me. First of all I played a solo part as Jemima Puddleduck in the Tales of Beatrix Potter ballet... I even had my photograph on the front cover of the programme! That was pretty amazing! Secondly, I auditioned for a place with the English Youth Ballet. This was fantastic but totally nerve-wracking too! I had to stay calm and focus. There were over 130 girls there and some boys too, and there were only fifty places on offer - but I got in! I will be performing in the Nutcracker in Nottingham this summer, which I am pretty sure will be amazing.

I love dancing as it is a way of expressing yourself; it means to much to me. I have also made some amazing friends through ballet. Every week, we have over an hour to pass between lessons and so we have lunch together, make rainbow bracelets and sometimes we even do our homework!

Something else that happened recently was that I was nominated for a Child of Courage award, a scheme organised my my local newspaper. That was exciting! I was nominated for the Performing Arts Award because of my ballet and also because I do LAMDA (London Academy of Dramatic Arts) work. In LAMDA, you have to do exams in speaking, verse and prose (I am good at the speaking part!) and also acting.

I really love drama and I took part in the Derby Arts Festival recently with my friend; we performed a duologue together - and we came first! I also entered the speech and verse section of the festival, and came third in that out of twenty-four students. Dance and drama have helped me through some very tough times and brought so much fun and friendship into my life. They really do mean  the world to me, and I very much hope to be a professional dancer or actress when I am older!

Wow... what a talented girl Georgina is! Do YOU have a hobby or talent that means the world to you? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more, or email me here if you'd like to take part in a future DREAMCATCHER feature!


  1. Theatre, I love it!!! We did exams recently and my class got a distinction (90% +) in grade 2. So it's something I am proud of. Emma :)

  2. Georgina really sounds like a dreamer. I hope my dreams can get to that kind of level one day! :o)

  3. i am a dancer and i had an audition a few weeks ago and i kn in but i know how scary it is. I didn't get in but i enjoyed the experience of auditioning for a dance school



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