Friday 6 June 2014


We asked readers to sketch their favourite CC characters... and here are some of the results! Pretty awesome, huh? 

Kaylee says:
Here is my version of the Tanberry-Costello sisters from the Chocolate Box Girls series, drawn in a manga/anime style. I love the series because each sister has such a unique and cool personality, and their stories are imaginative, creative and realistic at the same time. I love making up characters in my head using ideas of my own plus inspiration from others, and drawing the sisters was fun... I didn't have a visual representation of them so I got to decide what they looked like and what they might wear. Each CC book has a unique message that I can somehow relate to. Books take me to a place that only my imagination can go to, and that's cool!

Vicky says:
This is my picture of Skye Tanberry from MARSHMALLOW SKYE; she's my favourite Chocolate Box Girl as she is so unique. I love her vintage style and her personality! Skye is thoughtful, creative and daydreams a lot which is something I can relate to! This drawing means a lot to me as I have just started drawing manga and I love it. When you draw in a manga style the drawings look the same and it's up to you to style them differently, which I love... for Skye I added a fishtail plait and a vintage dress!

Annie says:
I chose to draw Coco wearing her legendary panda hat as she is one of my favourite CC characters. She is never afraid to be herself - she doesn't care what people say. She defies the stereotypes (which many of us are afraid to do) and is totally true to herself - I admire her for that! I love drawing as it's a great way to express yourself when you can't find the right words. Also, it's fun - and anyone can do it if they put their minds to it! I did the picture on my iPad with a drawing app - I love the way the app makes things look. Very cute and cartoon-ish! Overall, I just love the colour and creativity in drawing!

Lydia says:
I chose to draw Ginger and Sam because GINGERSNAPS is my favourite book... I can really relate to it. When i was at school, I was teased for the fact that my mum and I didn't have stick-insect figures, and that we had curly/frizzy hair. It changed how I was around people, and I'd do whatever I could to be liked. I like Sam because he reminds me of a boy I know - he's great to hang around with, but he can be very annoying! I love drawing because you can capture a moment forever, and it can't be deleted. Plus, it's a way to express how you're feeling without talking to anyone, which is pretty cool!

Are you crazy about drawing? COMMENT BELOW to let us know which CC character YOU would choose to draw... or go ahead and draw them, and send in your pic - you could be starring in a future post on DREAMCATCHER!


  1. Just asking- how do you send your pictures in? I would draw either Indigo, Aisha or scarlett

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm either drawing Paul from Driftwood, The Tanberry/Costello sisters or Scarlett... My favorite books of yours, Cathy!!!
    I just got Sweet Honey, I started reading it 5 mins ago, I'm already on page 40!!!
    PS: Could you maybe write a book about a girl with bad teenage spots, that lowers her confidence very, very much. Because that girl would be me. I'm very shy and quiet. and I've got spots, and I am not allowed to wear makeup.
    You don't have to write this book, I just want to feel normal...
    I Can't wait till 2015 when Fortune Cookie comes out!
    Love Rose

    1. What's Fortune Cookie?!!???
      Is it a new book!!!???
      Please explain

    2. Yes its a book

  4. I love drawing whenever you have an emotion to express you just draw it and everything seems fine again. I would try to draw the tanberry sisters because the chocolate box series is my favourite set of books!

  5. I would draw honey or coco because like coco I'm mad about animals

  6. Scarlett was so stupid, complaining that it was animal cruelty just to use a worm in a science lesson. Not everyone HAS an opinion on everything like she does!



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