Monday 23 June 2014


Do you have a friendship that's worth shouting about? These readers certainly do...

Alisa says:
I have lots of close friends, but my best friend by far is Kayla. We have been friends since we were two; we did ballet together and were really close, but then we went to different primary schools and drifted apart. Now we are at the academy together and we're best friends again! We tell each other everything. If one of us has a problem, we will always support each other no matter what! I love Kayla so much - she's like my sister from another mister!

Princess says:
I have so many friends and they are all very different from each other - but all very special to me! My very besties are Sara and Aziza, my best friends, my sisters, my heroes. I cannot describe how amazing they are but I am so blessed to have them! I don't know what I have done to deserve such amazing friends, but they are my family. A big shout out too to Zara, Umi, Zara S, Sophie & Anna!

Matilda says:
My best friend is Russel. We are always together through good and bad - we can always count on each other. We always have the other person's support, and if I am having a bad day, I know Russel will be there to listen and to help cheer me up again. It works the other way round, too! We're really close - more than friends. I'd say we're more like siblings. And, well... maybe a little more than that, too. Who says boys and girls can't be BFFs?

Stephanie-Jade says:
My two best friends Emma (left) and Stephanie (right) have always been there for me, ever since the day I first met them. Emma can be sarcastic and makes jokey insults, but she never means anything bad; she does it to make me understand things, it's just her way. Stephanie is just a bundle of joy. They have both had their challenges - as I have - and we always look after each other, no matter what. I couldn't wish for better friends.

Lauren says:
I have two best friends, Imogen and Toni. I have known them since I started secondary school and they are really amazing, supportive friends who can always manage to put a smile on my face. I tell them just about everything and they do the same to me; they always have time for me. Whenever we're together it's always a great laugh… I am very lucky to have them as my best friends. I love them to bits!

Cathy says:
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  1. I have three best friends Sophie Katy and Tilly. I have known them since I was year 5 and I'm now going to be a year 7 in September. I know it is a little short but still... they are the best friends I could evver ask for!

    1. when you knew them in yr 5, were you knew to that school?

  2. I met one of my best friends in nursery - even though she moved school in P4, we are still best friends, aged 15, helped by the fact that we get on really well and live just up the road from each other. Amazingly, we have only ever fallen out once, and even then, we made up an hour or so later. I met my other best friend in S1, and although I've known her for less time, we are still like sisters

    1. wow. sounds like you've got great best friends!

  3. are they special to you?

  4. Heya Cathy Cassidy readers! I'm Ranyel and I'm starting a blog with my best friend Chloe soon, I would LOVE it if any of you could check it out!
    We haven't posted anything but we will soon xxx



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