Saturday 14 June 2014


Let's celebrate friendship... after all, sometimes, best friends are like the family you choose for yourself!  CC readers tell all about their fab friends... 

Heather says:
My best friend Cerys is beautiful, amazing and selfless! She makes me smile every single day and even when she's a pain in the bum I love her... I've never had a friend like her. We laugh and cry together but no matter what, we are ALWAYS there for each other, whether it's four in the morning or twelve noon.  Love you, Cerys!

Caitlin says:
My best friend Amy and I met way back in nursery; we were friends for ages, but we only got really close from the start of secondary school. We just got to know each other better and began to do everything together - it was like we were joined at the hip! We laugh together and cry together - we literally soak each other's shoulders when we are feeling down. Amy is like a second sister to me. We fight like sisters... but I love her like a sister, too. Amy is amazing. She is always by my side - and she doesn't tell on me if I drink my Capri-Sun in biology class!
Emily says:
My best friend Charlotte is amazing because she is also my twin sister! We don't see as much of each other as we once did as we are now in universities 120 miles apart, but when we do, it;s the best thing EVER. We laugh over the most random and stupid things and seem to have developed a special twin-language of simply looking at each other and knowing what the other is trying to say! I've known some twins in the past who couldn't wait to be away from each other but I think having a best friend and twin sister in one person is the best!

Livia says:
My best friend Ellie and I met at school four years ago, but we didn't get on to begin with. We bumped into each other in the playground - literally - and had a big fight over a couple of bumped heads. After that it was war - we'd play tricks on each other, putting toads in each others bags and things like that. Mum asked if I wanted a sleepover and she included Ellie in the invitations - Mum then shut us in a room together for the whole day! By the time we came out we were inseparable... we'd not only buried our differences but become best friends! It proves that you don't have to like the same things to be friends... we're complete opposites, but I hope we'll be friends forever!

Latifa says:
My best friend Raya have been friends since Year One. Our personalities clash and match at the same time - her personality is tomboyish and she's older than me so she's more knowledgeable about stuff like going out; very shonen style! My personality is a bit more boy-crazy, artistic and enthusiastic about the things I'm into - very shoujo style! We're different, but we appreciate each other's views on things. Sadly, these days we live very far away from each other - on different continents, in fact - but distance is the only thing that almost keeps us apart. And I say 'almost' because nothing can really keep me apart from Raya! This pic is an old one of Raya from the days when we were at school together.

Eve says:
This is a photo of me with my best friends Chloe, Amie and Jade. I only met them this year, but it seems like I've known them forever! I know I can trust them with anything in the world, and they always know what to do when I'm upset. They always make me laugh - even when I don't want to - and I would trust them with my life!

Cathy says:
Naaaww! Awesome friendship stories... which one do you like best? Or is YOUR friendship story one that should be shared, too? COMMENT BELOW and tell us if you'd like to feature in a future DREAMCATCHER post, or email me here!


  1. Cathy I don't know whether it's just my laptop but when I click on blog it goes to this page

    1. Email and explain exactly what's happening? xxx

    2. I know why now the website has changed

  2. how long did it take you to wrte sweet honey?

  3. Aww :) Emily and Charlotte's friendship is awesome because they are twins and best friends and not all sisters have such a strong relationship. I was amazed by Livia's story because it shows you that someone you may not like might not be so and after all.

  4. I really like Emily and Charlotte's BFFship. It seems really cool that you can be best friends with your twin sister! They sound a lot like me and Jade even though we aren't twins or related! :o)

  5. I LOVE Emily's and Charlotte's story about their friendship! I LOVE This website and Cathy Cassidy!

    Cathy Cassidy ROCKS!

  6. Awww I love your BFF stories.

    I met mine when she moved back to England having lived in Saudi Arabia for several years. She was 9 and the new girl at school. We ended up doing everything together. She loves horses, baking and gardening.

    This year she is going to make me a special birthday cake... it will need 40 candles! So we are well on our way to forever and we still feel 9 when we're together :-)

  7. MiaDiamond200217 June 2014 at 19:25

    My best friend Lucy is also related to me in a very distant relation. I only became close to her this year when I started secondary school but now it feels like we do everything together. We have only had one falling out but we always make up for it after. She is like a sister to me and I hope she knows that I will always be there for her. Sometimes I feel like she likes someone more than me but I know its just her. I think or hope we will be best friends forever and ever!!! Mia

  8. charlotte chloe24 June 2014 at 14:19

    My best friend is Jade , she is like a sister to me .I love her to bits .

  9. My BFF is Nuria she rocks... Always there for me, Nuria I'm so lucky to have you!

  10. I love the BFF's stories, especially the story of the twins, as my best friend is my twin! (But I've got other BFF's around too.) me and my twin are identical, but some people can still tell us apart.



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