Monday 16 June 2014


Another in our series of cool mums and daughters... we talk to Lily, whose mum Mariam runs an online vintage store!

Lily says:
I'm twelve and I like Youtube, video games, Minecraft, anime and manga. When mum told me she wanted to take a year off from being a writer and launch a career making vintage style shoes, I felt a bit worried - I had no idea how it would work out! Mum had been an author for as long as I could remember, but I like her new business... it brings a lot of opportunities. Then again, it gets annoying living in a house with shoes right, left and centre - especially as I just have pretty much three pairs of shoes that cover all my needs, and I am NOT a vintage girl!

The other downside is that Mum travels away to vintage fairs a lot so I don't see her as much as I used to and at times she does get really stressed out. I don't see myself following in Mum's footsteps - I'd rather be an actress, a Youtube star or maybe a baker! I think Mum's business is great but I'd love her to take a day off once in a while and maybe go out for a nice fancy dinner or go to the movies!

Mariam says:
Until recently I was a scriptwriter and author, but I wanted to try something new. The idea for my business, Born Bad Betty, began when I bought a pair of 50s style kitten heels online. They had swallows on the front, but when they arrived I was disappointed to see that the swallows were just stickers... I thought I could do better than that! I spent months experimenting with charms and trims and glue - one day I accidentally went out with glue in my eyebrows and nobody told me! The shoes draw on my favourites colours and textiles from the 50s with a dash of Rockabilly! I love the business and I love working from home as it fits around the family - my husband is a teacher and also plays double bass in a band, and Lily has a little brother, Sol, aged eight. I like that the business can be flexible enough for me to go along to a school assemblies and look after anyone who's poorly!

Lily has taught me that, although we share common traits, she is very much her own person. I try not compare her to myself as a twelve-year old - she will take her own path, and I respect that. I love Lily to bits but my message to her would be that it is NOT embarrassing to hug your mum in public... no matter how old you are!

Cathy says:
I was lucky enough to meet Mariam and Lily at a recent book signing, and I have also bought two very cool 50s dresses from Mariam's online store Born Bad Betty - it sells 50s frocks and accessories as well as awesome shoes! COMMENT BELOW if you'd love a vintage style business... or if YOUR mum has a cool job you'd like to tell us more about!


  1. I'm not sure if you can edit the title but you call her Maryam when she's referred to as Mariam for the rest of the feature. That may be a mistake. Sorry.
    As for the article, it sounds interesting. I like the style of 50s tea dresses but a) I could never pull them off and b) I could never afford them so I'm not really a vintage girl. That being said, I like those strawberry shoes. They're cute.
    Blue. :-)

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  3. I Love anything vintage or 50's! aswell as classics such as hairspray and Grease that are portrayed as then! on july 19th we are having a 50's styled dance at school! :D im so excited! we are having this dance beacause they have just finished their production of grease! i saw it twice it was amazing!



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