Monday 30 June 2014


Are you a crafty girl? Do you knit, sew, scrapbook, crochet, make rag rugs? We asked CC readers to share their craft talents… 

Deborah says:
I learned how to stitch designs onto hessian in my Design & Technology class in Year 8. We started out doing lines of colour and moved onto mosaic patterns. I decided to take the idea a step further and make some pillows… I draw the design onto hessian fabric and stitch different coloured threads through the holes, following the lines of my drawing. Eventually the hessian will have vanished under the thread design! Up until now, I have given the hessian back to my textiles teacher to stuff and add a backing, but I am taking textiles for GCSE so hopefully she will show me how to do all that for myself soon! I love making pillows as they are so cute and make awesome presents. You can even make themed designs and holiday designs… and yes, even book inspired designs, like the ANGEL CAKE one!

Chloe says:
I have started to sew as a hobby over the summer holidays. I recently decided to create plush toys inspired by the Chocolate box Girls series! The ones in the picture represent Honey (the artist's palette), Coco (the horseshoe), Skye (the bird) and Summer (the ballet shoe). I am currently working on Cherry's, which will be a cherry-blossom plush. I find sewing quite taxing and demanding as it requires a lot of time and effort, but the end results always make it worthwhile!

Matilda says:
Craft is fun! I like sewing - I've enjoyed attending the fashion design courses my school has. They're awesome! My school teaches us how to sew too - we are designing and making aprons this year. last year we designed bags, as you can see in the photo… I guess that was when I really started to enjoy sewing. I enjoyed making the applique birds for my design just as much as making the bag itself! I enjoy other craft stuff too, like scrapbooking… it's fun and creative, and a cool way to make gifts for friends!
Laura says:
I first learned about needle felting from a magazine - I found an article about a woman who needle felted little sheep. I wanted to try it, so I asked a Sixth Year at my art club about it. She immediately found some fleece and started to show me; when you needle felt, you stab a piece of carded wool fleece with a long needle so that all the fibres knit together. The first thing I ever felted was a small two inch long thing that looked like a cross between a Russian doll and a piece of sushi! Very exotic. Since then I've got better and have needle-felted lots more things, like the penguins in the picture. There have been a few 'stabbing' incidents with the needle, but nothing too serious! When I'm older, I hope to have a vintage/craft shop so I am learning as many skills as I can… I love needle felting!

Cathy says:
Are YOU a crafty girl? COMMENT BELOW to tell us if any of the crafts mentioned appeal to you… or to tell us about YOUR fave craft activity!


  1. I don't tend to do crafts much (although I used to go to a sewing club at school and made a skirt, drawstring bag and cushion cover) but I draw a lot and especially enjoy making cards for friends and family for their birthdays

  2. Is that a loom band I see in Laura's picture? :P There's a girl in my class who has all sorts of these bands attached to her bag and pencil case. I think they look cool.

  3. If loom bands count as a craft then I love craft!

  4. Yeah i love loom bands too. I like to design cards and make presents for my mum. I recently made a type of lantern thing and a card decorated with jewels and glitter and stamps.

  5. i like the first picture cos it has the powerpuff girls in the stitch

  6. I have a sewing machine at home, and I make clothes, bags, cushions and soft toys. The soft toys are great gifts for my young cousins, and my cushions are in pride of place on the living room sofa! I would urge anyone creative to try sewing, because it's really fun and interesting!



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