Wednesday 11 June 2014


My readers have made it very clear: they see bullying as a big problem, something they care VERY strongly about. If you agree, please join us today on the BIG MARCH with awesome anti-bullying group BEAT BULLYING... find out how!

Does bullying matter? I think it does. Every day I get emails and letters from readers whose lives are being wrecked by careless cruelty, harsh words, exclusion. Bullying can be a punch, a kick, a shove... or it can be words that chip away at your confidence until there's nothing left at all. The amazing anti-bullying group Beatbullying have produced this brilliant short film clip to show just how much damage bullying can do... even though you can't always see the bruises. Please take a minute out of your busy day and watch... and if you can, help spread the word and say NO to bullying by sharing the clip on your Facebook or Twitter page!

So... what else can we do to say NO to bullying? We can ALL join the BIG MARCH - an online protest across Europe taking place today, 11th June - and stand together against bullying. Click onto to make yourself an avatar (you can see mine above!) and sign in to the BIG MARCH - an online festival you'll love. You can even go along to the special Cathy Cassidy tent and see my tips on staying safe from cyber bullies too!

Do you believe we should stand together against bullying? Please take the time to make an avatar, design an anti-bullying placard and join THE BIG MARCH, and tell your friends about it too. It matters.

COMMENT BELOW to share your stories of bullying or to add your messages of support! Please join me... today and every day, we need to stand firm against bullying.


  1. I designed an avatar. They're so adorable with their big eyes and the fact those are the only features on their faces. My placard says "Don't let bullies hold you back - you're awesome!". I also signed the petition and took the survey although half the questions were about bullying in the past year and no one's bullied me in that time because a) everyone at school knew my brother could be pretty violent so they left me alone, b) I'm at college and, frankly, we're a little too mature to do something as petty and spiteful as bullying (although I wish I could say the same for gossips) and c) no one here has any ammo against me. Sure, some kids have yelled that I dress weird and have blue hair and everyone stares at me, presumably for the same reasons, but it's not new to me. I know I dress weird. I know I have blue hair. I know people can't tear their eyes away from my beauty. It's hardly shocking or hurtful. If the survey questions had said "From the ages of 7 - 13 and for a brief period when you were 17" instead of "In the last year", I would've had to tick every single box. So I guess it saved me some time but it also makes me look like someone who was never bullied so doesn't know anything about getting help, etc. Still. I hope I've helped.
    Blue. :-)

  2. I hate bullying... a lot!!!
    I haven't ever got bullied but I hate it... so I sort of realise what people who are getting bullied must feel like. I know that people who are getting bullied must feel like nobody likes or cares about them but they have to know that even people who they don't know or haven't even heard of care about them, people who might even live on the other side of the world!! I'm lucky because there isn't really any bullies at my school but I've read things and heard things about how they treat people... and I hate it.
    Even if these stories are false, I think that there's always a tiny bit of truth in them.
    After reading about what happened to Sophie Lancaster, I was shocked to find out that bullying can go as far as someone getting murdered. It's not right! Everyone who hates bullying should do this! (I can't exactly right now because i'm actually supposed to be doing homework.)

    Sarah <3

    1. I have never been bullied either but my best friend did in primary school. First the 'cool' kids in her class made up rhymes about her, then her BFF abandoned her for one of the bullies. When she told the teacher about one particular boy, her teacher actually sided with him. I feel really sorry for anyone who has to go through this and I think that bullies are just jealous of how amazing the person the bullied person really is!

      Amelia <3

  3. Bullies are just people who feel like they can never be like others. They target people to make them feel better about themselves. If we can find a way to reach out to bullies and make them see that they're equal to everyone then all the harsh words and actions will just disappear!



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