Sunday 2 November 2014


Reader Anna and her friends Jess and Lil decided to make a fan account for the Chocolate Box Girls on Instagram… and in the process they've created something really cool! Read on to find out how they did it!

Anna says:
My friends Jess, Lil and I are all big Cathy Cassidy fans and when we got into Instagram we decided to create a account all about Chocolate Box Girls. We worked together to make the account and dedicated it to Cathy… and when she found out about what we had done, she asked us to write about it for DREAMCATCHER, which was very cool! We haven't been working on the account for all that long… it all started when we heard the news that SWEET HONEY was coming out.

Usually, the three of us get together at school to discuss the books we are reading or hoping to read. One of my friends told me she had just got Instagram and introduced me to it… she then mentioned that Cathy Cassidy also had an Instagram account and I was over the moon! I had the idea of making an account to support Cathy and Jess and Lil wanted to help too… that was how the_chocolate_box_girls account was born.

Jess and I take most of the photographs and Lil does a lot of the editing. We all supply objects and props that fit with the story and model if needed.  My friends are so talented and their interests and talents fit really well with the series, too! Jess wants to be a ballerina and a violinist and Lil would love to be a manga artist or maybe do technology related things. I mainly draw and come up with ideas when it comes to the Instagram account, but I suppose one day I would love to write books too.

We share the account between us, hoping to support Cathy to go on writing and encourage others to read the Chocolate Box Girls series.

We like the creativity of the Instagram account… we post pictures that relate to the Chocolate Box Girls but we also add images of books and quotes and information too. We haven't had competitions so far, but it is something we'd consider… people seem keen on the idea of quizzes as well. I will be drawing pictures of the Chocolate Box Girls so drawing to request might be a fun idea. We just want to keep Cathy Cassidy fans entertained and interested - we never imagined getting noticed and actually getting to appear in DREAMCATCHER!

Do YOU have Instagram? You can follow the account here -

Cathy says:
I love this fab fan-account on Instagram… it's not just lovely to have such dedicated readers, but inspiring to see how much effort has been put into making the images! Three VERY talented girls! COMMENT BELOW to have your say or let me know of your own 'fangirl' moments!


  1. Omg! I follow your account (@sezzy3210) and it is AMAZING!!!
    I can see you put a lot of time and effort in this account!
    <3 Sarah

  2. I wish I had instagram :(
    Oh well! Looks Great :)

  3. Used to have instagram and followed you but I don't have it any more

  4. Why don't I have Instagram yet?! This page looks so good, can't wait to get it and follow you!



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