Thursday 6 November 2014


Reader Carys came to my event at the Bath Festival of Children's Literature recently and wrote a fab report about the event for DREAMCATCHER! If you've never been to a book festival, this is what it's like!

Carys says:
Last month I went to the Bath festival of Children's Literature! The atmosphere in Bath was amazing - the city was full of excited children! I went to see Marcia Williams who illustrates William Shakespeare's plays in the form of comic strips for children; and then Johnny Dubble who has just illustrated the new covers for the Harry Potter series. I was amazed to find out he had never read the books… but the artwork was great! We then went to talk about the book War Girls which was fantastic, all about life during WW1 - I cannot wait to start reading!

Finally, we went to see Cathy Cassidy. We had arranged to meet Cathy beforehand, because I had been involved with DREAMCATCHER already and Cathy had suggested I write about the festival! I went up to the Green Room (which is where the authors hang out before their events) with my mum and met Cathy, and we had a quick chat although there was a lot going on… someone came and put a clip mic on Cathy, which you can see on her dress on the picture! We then went to take our seats and watch the talk, which was fabulous. I loved the bit where she told us about working on Jackie magazine, because my mum used to get that magazine too!

After Cathy's talk I talked to some of the girls who were queuing to get their books signed. Most had come to the festival just to see Cathy and they'd all enjoyed the talk and the quiz! I even met another reader who also writes for DREAMCATCHER! There was also a lady who has been bringing her children to the festival ever since it started - and now her eldest daughter is one of the volunteers!

All in all, I had the most amazing day - and I cannot wait until next year!

Cathy says:
It was brilliant to meet Carys and her mum at the festival… I love meeting DREAMCATCHER reporters when I am out on my travels - they are always awesome! Have YOU ever been to a book festival or met an author? Would you like to? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. @Cathy Cassidy, do you think that you could come to New Zealand within a year or two? I am dying to meet you and get my books signed, and my parents said that I could come up and meet you whether you are in Chch, Wellington or Auckland! Thanks! :) excited if you can

  2. yes
    would like to

  3. cathy I came to live in spain but I will relly like to see you. can you come to spain the 13 th of december please, the day of my birthday



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