Tuesday 25 November 2014


Another in our series of problem page worries - as answered by the Chocolate Box Girls. This week Honey replies to reader Layla…

Layla says:
I am keeping a massive secret and I don't think I can go on like this. All my friends are happy and excited about Christmas, but my life is literally falling to bits. My dad has lost his job and my mum only works part-time in a cafe. Dad says we might lose the house because we won't be able to make the mortgage payments unless he gets another job fast, but he isn't getting any interviews and he is really stressed. My friends are talking about expensive Christmas presents and I am crying myself to sleep every night because never mind the presents, we might not even have a house by then.

Honey says:
The first thing is, PLEASE don't keep this a secret. Your friends will support you if they know what you are going through; they'll be more tactful when talking about Christmas, too. It is scary when things go wrong like this. I was very upset and angry when my dad left, and as well as all the emotional stuff we were very skint for ages. We thought we'd lose Tanglewood, but Mum turned it into a B&B business and we managed like that for a while. I am not saying that would work for you, obviously, but what I mean is that although things may change you CAN find a way through. Perhaps your dad will get a new job or your mum will be able to go full-time and you will be able to stay in your home; perhaps not. Things may change and that will be difficult, but if you stick together and support each other you can survive. I am the first to admit I was not very supportive to my mum when things went wrong - I wish I had been less of a drama queen because the last thing she needed back then was me going off the rails. So be smarter than I was - ask friends and teachers for help and support, and remember that no matter what happens, you are an awesome and caring family, and you WILL weather this storm.

Cathy says:
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  1. Don't worry Layla:) One of my friend's at school had a problem like urs, but now she is living safe in a house. things were looking bad for her and I supported her in the best way I could and now she is really happy:) Things will work out for u I promise. I agree with Honey, u should tell ur friends, like my friend did and now I knew how to stay cautious around her(talking about things that could upset) and supported her, I'm sure ur friends will too, P.s One of my best friends is called Layla! Hamdi:)xxx



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