Thursday 27 November 2014


We asked readers what they think about Christmas decorations… should they be tame and tasteful or gloriously over the top? This is what you said…

Karla says:
I like it when people have lights up and have those light-up characters… reindeer, Santa, penguins, that kind of thing. I think it can be a bit much when there are so many decorations you can't actually see the house, though! Nobody on my street really over-decorates, but a few do go for outside decorations and that's cool!

Stilla says:
I LOVE Christmas decorations. We're decorating tonight!

Stephanie says:
Our cats always try to climb up the tree… and they are known for having endless play fights and nearly knocking it over!

Sydney says:
Decorations are awesome - they let everyone know it's Christmas! I love seeing houses covered in lights because it shows that everyone there is really getting into the spirit of it all. My tree is going up on Monday and I can't wait!

Ellie says:
It's great to see Christmas decorations, although I don't like it when businesses and companies commercialise it all; that ends up being all about money, which is completely the opposite to the true meaning of Christmas. I do love outside decorations, but I like the classic little white sparkly lights best of all.

Hannah says:
I love to see tasteful decorations but NOT before December! You get a bit sick of seeing the decorations going up in October!

Caitlin says:
My cat sits in the middle of the tree and ends up making a big gap! I like subtle lights but we have a red decoration theme this year… we have just put ours up! One of our neighbours has a huge inflatable Santa and sleigh on the roof, which is cool… and a friend has over thirty mini trees!

Jade says:
I loooove Christmas decorations! If it was my choice, they'd go up at the start of November in our house! I don't think there's ever such a thing as 'too much' when it comes to Christmas decorations, but sadly we are on a main road so nobody does too much with outside decorations.

Chloe says:
I love Christmas lights! My family have a tradition of driving around to look out for them all… I think more people should do that!

Martha says:
It's Christmas… it's OK to be tacky and festive as long as it's all lighthearted and fun. It's not all about the deccies, though - it's about coming together with friends and family…

Deborah says:
My family have a fair amount of decorations! We put up lights that flash to the tune of Christmas songs, and the house is always full of tinsel. There are so many lights you can still see the living room even when the main lights are switched off! My brother is in charge of the tree… he decides on a theme and the colours have to match perfectly! It's usually gold or silver but there will always be red baubles on there somewhere. I am always the first person to put presents under the tree… it makes the tree look nicer for longer!

Blue says:
We don't put the tree up until well into December… why make the house a death trap for our kitties or an annoyance to our neighbours? Christmas isn't about tacky decorations or flashing lights - it's about family and friends, not showing off. The house across the street has multiple flashing lights which flash and change colour in a most disconcerting manner… why? They can't see it because they're inside… it's us across the road who have to put up with it!

Lucy says:
You can never be too naff! A few people in our street have really great decorations that I always look forward to seeing. We put our decorations up on 7th December. My dog doesn't really bother with the decorations… but last year we dressed him up in a little elf outfit!

Charlotte says:
I adore Christmas decorations! Sometimes people can go over the top but there was a house near where I used to live that had an amazing display of lights outside and along the side of their house. It wasn't too much and it wasn't too little - just right! We used to go round the villages and look at the lights and see which ones were the best. Something changed, though - perhaps the people moved away - because suddenly one year there were no decorations at that house. Sad. We have a tree at home, and we have to be very careful of our dog Smudge - he attacks the presents under the tree and the first year we had him he nearly knocked the whole thing over! That's him in the picture… bad Smudge!

Jasmine says:
I adorrrreee Xmas decorations! It is the tradition in our house to completely fill the place full of them, streamers and all! The tree has almost everything on - it's packed with a little bit of everything. And after recently moving to a house with a porch, we will be filling the porch with reindeers and such too!

Thanks to reader Charlotte for the fabulous photographs!

Cathy says:
I love Christmas decorations… and I remember being taken out in the car as a small child to look at the Christmas lights in town! Have YOU put up your tree yet? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I've noticed 3 tiny little errors: in Karla's bit, the word 'it' is misspelled "ti", in Martha's section, the word "coming" was repeated unnecessarily and in Deborah's bit, "out" should probably be 'put'. No worries, everyone makes little mistakes like that, especially with the amount of editing you have to do. I just thought I should mention it because you might like to know. A great feature nonetheless. Reading about the mischief people's pets get up to reminded me of our old cat, Caramel. One year, Mum had bought some new decorations for the tree that were like baubles that looked like icicles with glitter so they looked all festive. She hung them on the tree and we all agreed they looked rather good. Caramel evidently thought so too as she ran into the room, grabbed one of the icicle decorations off the bottom branches in her mouth and ran off like a dog with a stick! We had to chase after her to retrieve said decoration and then move them all to a safer level on the tree. Silly kitty! Thankfully, our current cats are rather disinterested - although they do like sitting under the tree, perhaps because they think we can't see them?
    Blue. :-)

    1. That sounds funny!Lol:)! Hamdi:)xxx

  2. I think Christmas has started way too early this year. Not that I don't like Christmas or anything, actually I love it, but Christmas has a place and time like everything else.
    Emma :)

  3. I love Christmas decorations that r eye catching but not too over the top. When lights are positioned/ put in a shape or a unique formation, that definitely catches my eye. But I'm not really into the whole over the top santa and reindeer decorations. I love when simple decorations are arranged in a clever way! Hamdi:)xxx



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