Wednesday 5 November 2014


Reader Rosie needs advice on how to use her interests and passions in everyday life - to be true to herself, if you like. Who better to ask than SKYE TANBERRY?

Rosie says:
Don't tell the others, Skye, but you are definitely my favourite Tanberry sister. I am a total dreamer and like you I love history, vintage and horoscopes. I was wondering how best to use these loves in my schoolwork, my everyday life and making friends? Are there any hobbies you can suggest? And where can I find some old things like Clara's dresses and possessions? I'd love to wear vintage styles but need a few tips!

Skye says:
Awww… it sounds like we have a lot in common! You know what you love, but you are still working out ways to weave all of these interests into your everyday life… it can be done, don't worry! First of all, your love of history is a big plus when it comes to schoolwork. See if your school has a history club that meets at lunchtimes, or ask your history teacher for advice on how to get involved with local history or archaeology projects.
As for vintage finds, search junk shops and charity shops for bits and pieces you like. Finding 1920s items is rare these days - we were SO lucky to find that trunk in the attic - but things from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s are also cool. Look out for vintage 'fairs' and sales in your area - just google 'vintage fair' and the name of your nearest big town, and see what comes up. Some fairs are small, with 20 or so stalls… some have over 100! They are treasure troves of vintage style; I also go to antique fairs when I can. I save my pocket money so I can splash out if I find something amazing!
Wearing vintage may seem scary at the start, but the trick is to start wearing odd pieces with your usual clothes. I have a vintage 1960s kilt I often wear tat the moment for example; and a 1960s beret I always wear to school. At other times, I'll make more of a statement and wear one of Clara's dresses or a 1940s jacket or a 1950s circle skirt. You might try a vintage flowery skirt with your fave top, or a handknit charity shop jumper with jeans to begin with. If wearing 'real' vintage worries you, look for vintage-style dresses and tops… every fashion store has a selection of vintage inspired designs for you to choose from!
As for making friends… when you start showing your love of vintage in the way you dress, you'll find that other vintage-lovers notice and make a point to getting to know you. Who knows, you may even convert a few of your regular friends, too! Good luck!

Are YOU a vintage girl? Do you have any advice for Rosie? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I love vintage clothes! Especially hats. I like to take old clothes and match them with my doc martens or army jacket for a rockabilly look. Don't put to much pressure into looking like a particular time period, just wear what you love and have fun collecting!

  2. This is so me! Anything for horoscopes??

    1. Good idea… I like! Will see what can be done…



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