Wednesday 5 November 2014


We asked readers all around the world to review their fave CC books and tell us why they meant so much...

Samiksha says:
My favourite book - from my favourite author - is SCARLETT by Cathy Cassidy. About a year back I went through something that made me identify with the book - not the exact same situation, but similar. Scarlett is a confused and misunderstood teenager, just as I was, and when I came across the book and read the back cover I knew it would help me get through that emotional and confused stage. I started reading and felt much better right away... it was magical and happy and yet I felt understood. I finished the book in two days and over a period of a week I then read Sundae Girl, Driftwood, Lucky Star and Dizzy. Without any doubt, Cathy became my favourite author and Scarlett will always be my favourite of her books.
Alice says:
I am eighteen year old and I read the Cathy Cassidy books in French - the series is called Les Filles Aux Chocolat here! I am a great fan. Before I read your books I was not keen on reading but now I am captivated by your books. Honey, Coco, Cherry… the sisters are characters who are funny, endearing, touching. I am growing up but I don't think I will grow out of your books… the stories will always touch me. I really hope you will go on with the series. Keep writing!

Lucky says:
I live in Australia, and I fell in love with Cathy's books when I first read CHERRY CRUSH - it's one of my absolute favourite books! I was GLUED to it and couldn't stop myself from reading! After that I went to my local library and borrowed every Cathy Cassidy book I could find - one of my favourites was ANGEL CAKE. Sadly Cathy hasn't done book signing in Australia for ages so I cannot meet her, but I really would LOVE it if I could fly to Europe and go to a signing. That won't happen though as I have a big family and Australia is so far away. So instead I read the books and meet her in THAT world! I follow CCTV and watch all the cool video diaries, and I dream that one day I will be as good a writer as Cathy is.

Alinka says:
I live in India, and DIZZY was the first CC book that I officially owned. .. the other books I'd read until then had been borrowed from friends! The plot has a nice topsy-turvy plot to it. It starts with Dizzy living with her dad and holding onto her memories of her mum… the story warms up when Storm arrives to visit. It was like, the fun starts here! Dizzy is transported to another place, away from her friends Sara, Sasha and Jade, away from striped ties and dreadful maths tests. Then Finn and Mouse appear on the scene… such an outbreak of emotions, such fun… and then tragedy. I wasn't expecting that! This book has so many emotional twists - I really like it. Lots of my friends read CC books, although now the trend is for vampire fiction… that's not my genre, though, I will be sticking with Cathy's books!

Cathy says:
It's awesome to find out how readers all around the world are loving the books… how cool? COMMENT BELOW if YOU are reading from outside the UK - and email me via the link on my website, if you'd like to review your fave CC book in a future feature like this one or tell us what life if like in YOUR country! 

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  1. Lucky, I feel like you look like a younger version of Cherry, sweet, pretty, petite. Also, I'm glad people like Alice are still reading these kind of books at that age.



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