Thursday 27 November 2014


I asked readers to tell me their all-time favourite fictional character… and here's what they told me!
Kiera says:
My fave fictional character is probably Niki Maxwell from the Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell because she is an ordinary teenage girl with a lot to say and a story that leaves you in utter shock. Such as… when Mackenzie Hollister (her enemy) does something awful to humiliate poor Niki; or when she has to cope with a big surprise from her best friends Chloe and Zoey, for example. Niki is just an ordinary girl trying to make her way through high school and get it over and done with… she can also relate (a little) to other people! The books are great and the character of Niki is just brilliant!

Jasmine says:
My favourite ever character has got to be Remy Lebeau from Marvel comics… in X-Men and also his own issues. I've been obsessed with Marvel and with superheroes since I was young, but Remy (also known as Gambit) always stuck out to me. He is from New Orleans so I always imagined his accent when I was reading out his words. His personality also appealed to me. He was witty, sarcastic, flirty and such a bighead! He possessed the power to use kinetic energy and could transfer it into any object - usually playing cards as he was a gambler. Remy wasn't like the other X-Men; they were heroes and he was a thief trying his best to be a hero, which I found fascinating. He has always been a favourite of mine!

Jess says:
My favourite fictional character (not counting CC characters!) is Patch from Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. At first Patch seems quite scary, but he is a mysterious character with hidden, dark secrets… and by the end of the book, his secret is revealed...

Lorna says:
There are a couple, but Eowyn and Faramir from Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein are probably tops. They are a perfect couple. Both saved each other; Eowyn became the woman she needed to be and Faramir was allowed to let go of his issues. Both are beacons of hope. I also like Faramir's view on war: 'I do not love the bright swords for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.' Perfect!

Manda says:
Favourite… fictional… character? What, like just ONE? Out of all fiction ever in existence? SERIOUSLY? You would actually do that to me? OK, OK, I'll try. There's one character that's pretty awesome… oh, wait - that other one - no, hang on, what about… BRAIN EXPLODES. HEART EXPLODES from fictional character love. I can't do this anymore… don't make me choose… please, no, I can't do it, please don't make me! *hysterical crying* *runs away to corner to snuggle a random assortment of at least, like, thirty characters...

Blue says:
For me it's Esther Greenwood from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. She is an older, American version of me, so I feel very close to her. But… there are also the Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events… they are so charming and resourceful and I just want to hug them and give them cake and tell them I will never let Count Olaf hurt them. And then there is Amelia from Handle With Care - she has blue hair! And Jacob from House Rules… he reacts to social situations the same way I do. Oh no, I can't choose… retreats to Manda's corner, sobbing and holding my favourite characters. Except Jacob. He doesn't like to be touched.

Cathy says:
Wow… I love these posts! One of my favourite books is listed here, too… can you guess which one? COMMENT BELOW to tell us YOUR favourite fictional character!


  1. Just two teeny errors - in Jasmine's section, it says "her was a thief" and it should be 'he' and in Manda's section it says "taht's pretty awesome" when it should say 'that's'. I'm so sorry, I feel awful pointing out any errors as I know you work hard but sometimes the occasional mistake slips through. I suppose it's nicer of me to point out errors so you can edit them but I still feel bad about it. I'm sorry. I'm not entirely sure which is your favourite book out of the posts but I'd guess 'The Bell Jar'. I remember reading you saying 'The Catcher In The Rye' was your favorite book and I read that book and 'The Bell Jar' within a couple of months of each other when I was 12 so the two are linked in my head. They are relatively similar although I prefer Plath's writing style over Salinger's.
    Blue. :-)

  2. I would either go with The Bell Jar being your favourite, or Lord of The Rings. As for my fave character... I agree with Manda! Her section made me crack up. :D

  3. My favourite characters are Ginger Brown, Luna Lovegood and the Joker. An odd combo indeed!

  4. I hate dork diaries. nikki is annoying, I think. my fave character is anne shirley in anne of green gables or daizy star. yes, of course I've read them, I love cathy's books! daizy is quirky and cool plus I like the way she does her hair! anne is different and has curly red hair, freckles and grey-green eyes. she gets into trouble sometimes, like when she nearly drowned in a lake, broke her ankle and cracked her slate over her friends head (first meeting, didn't go well, weren't friends back then!) I've read all the books except for the last and are very good! anyway, the 2 are creative, imaginative characters and I love them!

  5. My favourite fictional character is ruby redfort from the series of books with the same name. It's an extremely good series by Lauren Child who also wrote Charlie and lola as well as clarice bean! Check them out! I also quite like Judy Moody, the chocolate box girls characters, Paddington bear and so many more but Ruby redfort is my absolute favourite! One of my BFFs loves the books as well! I got a piece of paper signed by Lauren child (because I forgot to give my friend a book) because my friend went to a book signing-it is inside the first book!

    1. I love ruby redfort as well

    2. Favourite? Ok I'll just do my top eight favourite.
      1) Skye Tanberry, She's fun and loves vintage. She likes being different.
      2) Honey Wheler from Trixie Belden (I know old fashioned me!) she sweet and puts others first.
      3) Sasha Baley from You don't know me. I love her personality and they way she acts in situations.
      4) Harriet Manners from geek girl, she is cool funny and smart and thinks everythings is ok even when it's not always.
      5) Pauline Fossil from ballet shoes. She loves acting and can sometimes be a bit of a drama queen but eventually sees sense.
      6) Ruby Redfort from ruby redfort, she is clever and I love the way she sort of adds an American touch to every sentence.
      7)Beth March from little woman, I really love her sweet nature and her faith.
      8)Matilda from Matilda, she's funny and is smarter than her own parents.

  6. Well my all time favourite character died. That was over a year and a half ago, and nope, still not over it. One of my favourite characters is Brianna the Breeze from the GONE series, she's this huge egomaniac, but she's a GOOD egomaniac! She would die to protect her friends, and of course her reputation of being the biggest badass in the series! I also love Liesel Meminger, aka The Book Thief... I've always felt a strong connection to her, and I got the old cinema poster after it finished showing before I knew her story, maybe not the best idea!!! Also, cliche as it sounds, Katniss! I really understand and can relate to her! Other than that... Any more room in Mandas corner? Méabh

    1. I love Liesel too! That's one of my favourite books :)

    2. I have read the first book of the GONE series and I agree, 'The Breeze' is pretty cool. Although, Astrid, Edilio and Sam, (the main protagonist), are most definitely my favourite characters. Of course there's Skye Tanberry and Anya. Oh, did I mention Dizzy? *Sees there's no room in Manda's corner and starts to cry, hugging all favourite characters.* :(

    3. You should read the rest... They're awesome! Just don't get emotionally attached to anyone...

    4. Wow! I love the GONE series! Brianna is seriously kick-ass. My favourite quote from her is definitely: "And you know I can slap you eight times before you blink, right?"

    5. My favourite character has to be Jace from The Mortal Instruments series. Okay, so he is arrogant, rude and has a seriously over-inflated ego.. But he's badass, an awesome fighter and would do anything to protect Clary. Oh, and his comebacks are so funny!

  7. I love beth from little women too, my favourite march sister, I nearly cried when she died!:( and I always thought olaf was a snowman who likes warm hugs! he's my favourite person in frozen too! and I like warm hugs, but then again, who doesn't?

    1. It was really sad when Beth died especially in the movie

  8. Deep breath and get ready to be overloaded with names...
    1) Matilda from Matilda, I still try and magic the book over to me but the sense of her innocence and wondering questions
    2) Nora from hush hush, I'm going to stop giving reasons round about number five when my fangirlingness takes over and I start rattling names off like a script. But one word here, or three, she is cool.
    3) Olivia from don't even think about it, a book found on the off chance, took my honks to hunt it down and then I devoured it in less that a day. Her anxiety combined with the groups thoughts just paired for a heavenly book finished in one sitting.
    4) Hermione granger from harry potter, frizzy hair, always got her head in a book and always have her hand up first. It that's not me I don't know who I am.
    5) maddie from house of robots, a surprise from this Christmas. Her secret kept under wraps for a good bit into the book and then you find out e's real purpose and she's not even the main character
    6) Maia from journey to the river sea
    7) Harriet from geek girl
    8) Casey from the one dollar horse
    9) Heidi from girl meets cake/ my invisible boyfriend
    10) rose from my name is rose
    11) Anya from angel cake

  9. Actually, the one with Hans is also mine, is there anymore room on Mandas corner.
    *hermione blasts a new corner and me and multiple character in book shape stick together*

  10. I love Eowyn and Faramir too! Eowyn is a perfect representative for girls, all around the world!

  11. My favourite characters? Ooooh..
    1. Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments
    2. Jenna Strong from ACID
    3. Maddy from Everything, Everything

  12. I think I'm Anya from CC'S Angel Cake. Sometimes I act like her and I hardly want to act like Anya in a movie. She is awesome.Thank you Cathy for finding a dream girl for me.



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