Tuesday 25 November 2014


Your feedback on SWEET HONEY is still coming in… here are a few more reader reviews to tempt those of you who haven't read it to take the plunge! It'd make a fab Christmas prezzie, y'know! ;o)

Imogen says:
I finished reading SWEET HONEY during a long car journey, and my eyes were glued to the pages with all the suspense! I loved seeing yet another side to Honey Tanberry - her true personality shines through and she has some very serious problems to overcome. Although the books may be aimed at a slightly younger audience, the language is mature and beautiful… I had to look some words up! SWEET HONEY has really opened my eyes to the dangers of the internet, much more than any website or video has ever done. Since coming home I have double checked my security settings! Thanks you for a wonderful read! I've been reading Cathy Cassidy books for a few years now and needless to say, they're all great - but Honey's story is the best addition to the series ever. I am so looking forward to FORTUNE COOKIE now!

Sara says:
Honey Tanberry: wild, carefree, born to be a rebel. Her life is a mix of ups and downs, just like any other. And then she pushes things too far. SWEET HONEY is about a fresh start, a new life. A chance to show your inner self in a new way. The book shows how you can change your way of life, break free from the usual. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It was engaging, watching a rebel get hurt emotionally. This is definitely my favourite Chocolate Box Girls book - I'm a big reader, but this book stood out for me. It taught me to follow my dreams but not to get carried away. Life won't change for you - you have to change life and the way you live yourself.

Hailie-Jade says:
People always ask me why I read so many Cathy Cassidy books… I always seem to have one in my hands. The answer is, I find them full of excitement, dramas and cliff-hangers, so I never want to put them down. When I discovered the Chocolate Box Girls series, I found myself reading each book in a few days. It was great to read about characters going through the same issues any teenager might. The book that stands out for me is SWEET HONEY - I'd looked forward to it so much as I just couldn't figure out what I thought of Honey. I wasn't disappointed, not one bit. The book means a lot as it looks at cyber-bullying, an issue that I'd been through myself a year ago. Like Honey, it mattered to me what others thought of me and when I found nasty things about me on the internet, I felt the same way she did - devastated. Just as Honey made true friends in Tara and Bennie, I too made new friends, Hayley and Kathryn. I feel it's so important that there are authors like Cathy Cassidy out there who show us that we don't have to go through hard times alone.

Cathy says:
I love these reviews… and I love how my readers are connecting with Honey and understanding her just a little bit better! Have YOU read SWEET HONEY yet? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I love how it was based in Sydney, I live an South Australia so I loved how it was a bit Aussie.
    When will you next come to to Adelaide/Australia Cathy ?

  2. I loved Sweet Honey, it was an amazing read! I don't know how u write so well Cathy! Hamdi:)xxx

  3. What can you do when you've been hacked? Apparently nothing. My viber is hacked and nothing I do stops it. Its been reported i took down my account but my friends still get weird messages. So how can I stop them? I think I know who did, but thats a theory.



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