Friday 13 January 2017


In the first of a new series on readers all around the world, we talk to Anastasia, who tells us just what the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS books mean to her!

Anastasia says:
I am thirteen years old and I live in a country in Eastern Europe called Bosnia and Herzegovina. I absolutely love Cathy Cassidy books - or Keti Kessidi books, as they are over here! I've been reading them since I was ten! They inspire me so much, and I love the way they are written and the themes of the stories. I have learned so much from them. At times I have cried because there is a sad bit, or even just because it's the end of the story.

Sometimes I just get right into the pages of the book and feel like I am actually there... in Tanglewood. looking out to the beach and the beautiful ocean; or beside the little pond with Cherry's fish; in the woods where the gypsies once lived; or in the big garden with the gypsy caravan. It is not just the series I like, either, but the stand-alone books also. It's amazing to see Indigo's new house and share her problems, or be a part of Daizy's performance with her band.

I have not read all the Cathy Cassidy books yet as I have not been able to find them all in my country. I'm trying, though!  I do have all of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, and my favourite characters are Skye, Summer and Coco. These books mean so much to me... one day I would love to meet Cathy Cassidy and get my books signed, and I cannot wait to read more CC stories.

Cathy says:
Awww... this is such a lovely post! I love hearing from readers all around the world. Do YOU live outside the UK? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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