Thursday 19 January 2017


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER, and this week Cherry Costello does her best to help reader Syra who is struggling to settle into a new school...

Syra says:
I am like Anya from ANGEL CAKE - I don't fit in. I am Indian, but we've moved to the USA because of my dad's work and I am finding it so hard to settle. I have good English, so that is not the problem, but I am so unhappy because I have no friends (at least Anya had Frankie and Kurt!). I do alas have many mean 'Lily Caldwell' type characters in my life and one lovely 'Dan' character for sure as well. I just need a friend... please help!

Cherry says:
Moving schools - and countries - is probably one of the toughest and most stressful things you can go through. You may have excellent English, but you'll take a while to really work out how an American school works. Right now, talk to your class teacher or a school counsellor and explain how lost and unhappy you are feeling - they can offer extra support and help while you find your feet. In general, try to be as open and friendly as you can - join after school clubs and groups, try out for sports teams, get involved; this way you'll meet a wider circle of students than just those in your class. All schools have their bully/ mean-girl characters - I struggled with one of these for years - but ignoring the nasty comments is the best tactic if you can. As for the boy you like... well, don't give up hope - he may be the friend you're looking for! My first real friend when I moved from Glasgow to Somerset was a boy called Shay, but that's another story, and it brought it's fair share of trouble so we won't go there! Anyway... if you can, relax and take each day as it comes. Smile at everyone, try hard at your work and slowly, things will begin to slot into place. Friendships take time to build, but they are worth the effort, and worth some patience too. If these tactics don't help, speak to your family and get some adult help to sort this out - you need to settle and find a friendship base, and if that means you need a little help along the way, that's fine. Good luck.

Cathy says:
Good advice from Cherry, but what would YOU add to this? COMMENT BELOW to help Syra settle down into her new school and her new life!


  1. Tell you what?? Never show lke u ever need a friend or the bullies will target you thnking of you as some lonesome outsider without a backbone...hold ur head high yaarr!...never do stuff like ginger in gingersnaps like painting nails with felttips to show that u are not shy or lonely...cuz these acts totally show that u r a desperate lil kid ..lonely...and build urself up in studies so that teachers love u and hey...peole will start noticing u and who knows what?! U might find a life time bestie...and here is a piece of friendly advice:never go for a boy as a friend ,,instead choose a girl...
    Hope it helped!
    I am also from South Asia ;)

  2. I recommend speaking to people who sit near you and talk to them. Joining clubs will help to make friends you have things in common with.



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