Tuesday 17 January 2017


Have YOU read Cathy's thriller LOOKING GLASS GIRL yet? Here are some reviews which might make you wonder what you're waiting for!

Cecelia says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL is probably the most intricately plotted book by Cathy Cassidy and the one I would recommend above all the others (and I love CC books!). Let's start with the cover. I got the book in hardback, and it is my favourite - that beautiful, Alice-in-Wonderland vintagey style is so pretty and intriguing. It was what made me pick the book out to begin with!The actual book is so well written and is jam packed with Alice imagery... the story is clearly inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll tale. LOOKING GLASS GIRL is a book all girls can relate to... boys, school, friendship and drama. In the story, Alice, Yaz and Elaine have been BFFs since they were tiny, but when Alice is picked for a drama role jealousy breaks things apart. By Year Eight, Alice is all alone and Yaz and Elaine are friends/minions of popular girl Savvy. When Savvy invites Alice to a Wonderland-themed sleepover, things change overnight in a very dramatic way. What will happen to Alice? Can she be best friends with Yaz and Elaine again? Read LOOKING GLASS GIRL to find out!

Romina says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL was one of those page-turning books - I couldn't stop reading it, and in the end it took me just four days to finish. Alice's story was so relatable it was easy to connect with her, and I liked how you don't find out just how she came to fall until towards the end. I liked the different viewpoints and how Alice's life started out one way and turned out differently, which shows that life can always change for the better, and I liked the ending which was really cute and sad. I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

Rebecca says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL is a unique spin on the classic ALICE IN WONDERLAND story. It is a more realistic, modern version and looks at real life problems such as bullying. It was an amazing read and I loved it - the way it is set out and planned intrigued me and made me want to read more and more. I was definitely hooked, and the ending was NOT what I had expected! Overall, I think LOOKING GLASS GIRL is an amazing book and is suitable for ages ten and over. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether they have read Cathy Cassidy books before or not!

Top artwork by reader Cecelia - how cool? Love the sketch of Alice!

Cathy says:
Aww, thank you Cecelia, Romina and Rebecca... great reviews! If you like your reads to have a page-turning thriller style with a twist in the tail, give LOOKING GLASS GIRL a try! Have YOU read it yet? COMMENT BELOW to have your say! 


  1. Yes, I think it was an amazing book,summers dreams will always be my fav tho!!

  2. I love Looking Glass Girl! Its such a cool, sad, cute book! I love all CC books & cannot choose a favourite though!



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