Monday 16 January 2017


Reader Rhia checks out the new Disney movie Moana... and tells you whether it should be on your to-watch list!

Rhia says:
I am a longtime fan of Disney films so I have been looking forward to this film for ages. It did not disappoint. It's a PG film, as there are some scary scenes, but overall it is a perfect family film and I know I'd have loved it when I was younger. OK, I admit it, I loved it NOW! Moana is a brave and adventurous teenager, the daughter of a chief of Oceania, who sails away on a daring mission to fulfil a quest and give balance back to her people. She meets the demi-god Maui who becomes her guide and helps her on her voyage. This is an action packed film with lots of drama, as Moana encounters monsters and sprites before fulfilling the quest of her ancestors. She also finds herself along the way.

Moana is a brilliant adventure and the CG animation is amazing. Visually it is my favourite Disney film and I love that Moana is a very modern kind of 'princess' and a great role model for girls - she does not need a prince to rescue her but takes things into her own hands. In fact, there is no prince at all and no romance, and that's fine because it just isn't needed in this enthralling story. See it as soon as you can!

Cathy says:
Ooh... that sounds wonderful! A must-see. Have YOU watched a fab new film recently? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Both my two saw this the other week and loved it also.

  2. I've seen Moana at the cinema too and I thought it was good but not the best Disney film ever but it was even sort of for boys because my brother even thought it was ok!!!

    1. just a friendly reminder that all princess movies can be for boys, even if they don't contain as much adventure in as Moana does! #feminism xxx

    2. Aha! Someone said what I was thinking! My son loves the movie.

  3. He also loves...Frozen, Tangled & Beauty & the beast.

  4. Moana & Rapunzel are my fav disney princesses! I know Moana isnt actually a princess but yeah. I am in LOVE with disney movies, books & characters! If you havent already watched Moana you NEED to!



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