Friday 27 January 2017


Reader Jessica tells us about the part the Brownie/Guides movement has played in her life - and why you might like to give it a try!
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Jessica says:
Guiding is a massive part of my life, and has been since I was seven, when I first joined the Brownies along with one of my best friends. I remember feeling unsure about it all, but I went back all the same! The night I made my Brownie promise was so much fun - I did it on a local hospice bus, which has to be one of the weirder places I've seen to make a promise!

Brownies was amazing, but it was Guides that really showed me what I could achieve. I moved up from Brownies to Guides at age ten. My unit meets at out local outdoor centre, which is only for  Girl guiding. We have an indoor space there, but also a huge woodland, a natural hide, a shop, a zipwire and an adventure course. In the summer, we play rounders and football, and sometimes go outside to listen to the owls. This year, we actually worked out where their nest was, which felt like quite an accomplishment!

Two summers ago, I went on an international camp called Peak 2015, which was held in the grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life - there, I tried activities like branding, balloon modelling, archery and abseiling. I also conquered my fear of heights, which I was so proud of. I am now the oldest in my unit and help out at at my old Brownie pack which is lots of fun! I am also working towards one of the highest accolades a Guide can achieve, the Baden Powell Award. Guiding has been life changing for me - it has shown me that I can do anything and be whoever I want to be. If you are unsure about trying it, please do - there really is something for everyone there, and it can take you anywhere.

Cathy says:
Jessica's post makes me wish I'd been a Brownie or a Guide - I remember loving the old-fashioned brown uniform but there were no packs near me back then. Have YOU ever been a Brownie or a Guide? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I once joined Brownies, but I knew no one and it was really boring, as all we did was drawing and running around. This post makes me wish I stayed longer.

    1. Actually you're right! ;)! I was (nearing the end of) Brownies too when I read your comment and I strongly agree — we literally just drew and ran around a squat plastic mushroom — but now I am in Guides, and trust me, it's WAY better!!!

  2. I've been a rainbow, a brownie and i'm now a patrol leader at my guides. One of my best friends is the leader of another patrol, and we're always having challenges and dragging our patrols into all kind of badges! One day i would like to be a young leader, but i still have two years to go before i can work towards my Baden Powell

  3. i used to do guides it was kinda fun but the activities were very basic and it was just a bit to 'mainstreem' for me even though all the other girls there were really nice and they where some of the nicest people i've ever metand i would strongly encorig anyone thinking about joining girl scouts or guides to do so

  4. I'm in Guides.
    Best thing ever.
    Some people think it's just girls learning to be well behaved, but it's not; it's all about learning to like yourself, women's rights and proving that GIRLS CAN BE STRONG!!!



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