Sunday 29 January 2017


Reader Zarin shares her thoughts and feelings about winter in this evocative and dreamy post!

Zarin says:
Outside, all I can see is snow. Snow here, snow there, snow everywhere as I look through the stilled glass of my window. The trees are draped with snowy tinsel, rooftops slumbering peacefully beneath a blanket of snow and I'm just here, gazing at this wintry utopia. Something tells me I have to capture this beautiful, iced winter moment in words. I get my notebook, feel its soft moleskin cover, open it to a blank page.

And that's it, I am ready to write, while the wintry zephyr whistles away.

I can feel the words dancing from my mind onto the snowy blanket of the page. Words dance like the snowflakes outside. When I'm writing, I feel how magical this wintertide truly is. Each word I choose helps me to find its hidden charm, and flickers of joy spread over me. Writing is what makes me happy, especially in winter, and the snowflakes are the words, each word as unique and deceptive as each snowflake.

And I think that's beautiful.

I open my window and let the snowflakes fly in, until they are doing the loop-de-loop in my attic bedroom. I cup my hands as if ready to catch a snowflake, a miniscule, idyllic snowflake. Each one is fragile, but when they come together and interlock, look how strong they are... as strong as ice. No-one can break my words, they shall never be forgotten, never defeated.

Words which I love, words which are my passion, words which shall make me the writer I've always wanted to be.

Being a writer is all I've ever dreamt of. The magic of manipulating words into artful pages, pages which people turn to in order to discover meaning. There is nothing better in writing than making people feel something. Making yourself feel something, the way I feel the magic of winter wash over my heart, my mind, my soul. Winter is a beautiful abyss of pure bliss. But writing in winter, that's my beautiful abyss of pure bliss. The words resonate through me and with me, creating a picture through me and for me. Winter creates a home for me through snowflakes and words.

I let my pencil linger, gliding upon the page, as I reminisce that charm of wintertide.

Cathy says:
Loving the poetic feel of this piece... and the joy and enthusiasm for words and writing! Do YOU find winter inspiring? In what way? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Thank you so much for this!

    Writing is my passion, thank you for sharing this on your blog.


  2. WOW!
    This is great

  3. I admire the elegance and beauty of the description of writing and what it means to you. Winter is beautiful. Therefore, making a metaphorical comparison between writing and winter is truly magnificent. Whatever you do,keep writing. After all, writers write to taste life twice,in the moment and in retrospect- Anis Nim

    #sweetreats xxx

  4. Thank you so much - both of you!



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