Friday 20 January 2017


Two readers talk about their favourite Cathy Cassidy character and tell us just why they connect so strongly with them...

Cassia says:
Where do I start? DIZZY is the most relatable book I have ever read. I feel like I have been through many of the same feelings Dizzy experiences... she os a quiet girl but she dreams big, just like me (and probably lots of other girls too!). I travel to a lot of music festivals too because my dad is a sound manager and sometimes I get to help out and work with him. I have met so many amazing people at festivals, people just like Dizzy. Plus... Cathy has got the festival atmosphere exactly right! I also love the book GINGERSNAPS because it has my name in it (as Ginger's sister!) and it is rare to find my name in a book, as it's an unusual one!

Lula says:
I love the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series but especially SUMMER'S DREAM. Firstly, I am a lot like Summer Tanberry. I am ballet mad, I always wear my hair in a bun, I love pink, I dream of performing at the Royal Opera House... and I even have a friend called Tia, like in the story! I couldn't believe it when I spotted that. What are the chances? Next, and this is very spooky, I have actual friends called Summer and Skye! I also love drama and singing very much. I only have one problem with dance - it's hard on my ankles, which often end up injured. Not so good! I like Summer because she is a very determined girl who loves dance and follows her dream in spite of the challenges she faces.

Cathy says:
I love this post - and I agree that the similarities are quite cool for both Cassia and Lula (Summer would LOVE that daisy hairband!). Are YOU just like your favourite CC character? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Coco, I'd like to think so, she's awesome!

  2. Of course, I've noticed parallels between myself and some CC characters (mainly Paul and Joey from Driftwood) but one of the best things about CC books is that every protagonist is relatable in some way or another. When I read Summer's Dream, although I could identify with Summer - I may not be passionate about dance (or anything, come to think of it) but I have had problems with food on several occasions. I know how that feels - but I didn't think I had much in common with Jodie. Then I read Hopes And Dreams: Jodie's Story and lo and behold, Jodie and I had the same crisis of confidence going on. Once we get a peek inside a character's mind, we find out that we can relate because they're people and we are too.

  3. I think I am a bit like Ginger Brown and Skye (but she is into clothes and fashion when I am not but she is like me in personality a lot), as well as Eden from BHC. :)

  4. Summer's Dream!!! I can relate a lot to summer, because I'm dance mad, and I like perfection. Also I can really relate with Jodie, we may not be the bast dancers but we will work hear and do what ever it takes to achieve our dreams. I absolutely LOVE summers dream, plz write another book about dance!!!!!!!



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