Wednesday 25 January 2017


Problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER, and this week Summer Tanberry has some words of advice for reader Mia...

Mia says:
I am not looking forward to 2017 - there is just too much going on. We have a new head teacher at school and important tests looming up, plus a move to secondary after the summer. I am in Year Six and I am meant to be able to handle all this, but I am really not coping. Please help!

Summer says:
Year Six is an important year, and a time of change - which can be stressful. Having a new head teacher has unsettled you - things have been familiar and 'safe' for a long time, but now they are likely to change fast. Don't panic - lots of the changes may be positive ones, and you are more than able to rise to the challenge... give the new head a chance and get to know them. Tests - especially if they are SATs or similar - can be a worry, as schools strive to get good results and students can feel very pressured. It's worth remembering that SATs are a test of certain maths and grammar skills, and NOT an indication of your intelligence, creativity, talent or worth as a human being. Do you best in studying for the tests, but do not judge yourself by the results... you are worth a lot more than that. As for moving up to secondary school, it may seem daunting now, but as the year rolls on you will find you're more than ready for the challenge. Your class will do taster visits and you'll get a chance to meet your new teachers and check out those new subjects. 2017 is a big year for you, but you are more than capable of riding the wave of change, I promise - enjoy!

Cathy says:
Uplifting words from Summer - do you agree? If YOU have any advice to add, COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I remember now, how scary year six was for me. I used to spend most nights laying in bed worrying about going into year seven. A few girls in my year had sisters a few years older, and as older sisters sometimes do they would tell us all these made up horror stories. Everything from flushing heads down the toilet (Didn't happen) to running away with your clothes when you are having a shower after PE (Never were we made to shower) and there was always a horrible story about an evil teacher too. - Not all teachers are great, but I didn't encounter an evil one either. Believe me, they may not act like it, but I bet every other person in year six has those fears. They just aren't showing it. Believe me, you'll be fine. The new teachers will be dealing with this every year. They make it a priority to make sure you'll settle in well! <3 xxx

  2. In year 6 (P7 for me, as I live in Scotland), I had a horrible teacher and I was really glad to leave, and go to secondary. I'm half way through my first year, and loving it! I've made new friends and the teachers will be there in case you're worried/upset. I was only really worried on my first day.

  3. i'm in year six and i'm really scared for the maths part of sats



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