Monday 30 January 2017


Readers share their memories of childhood hobbies they loved… and then lost! Read on...

Cait says:
I had a lot of hobbies when I was younger - I was the kind of kid who wanted to have a go at everything. Dance, table tennis, piano, karate... I tried it all, and annoyingly, I loved it all too. Karate was one hobby I still miss... a draughty hall, a load of people of all ages in strange silky black suits that (my parents complained) cost a fortune... and a routine of warm-ups and kattas I could still do in my sleep. I worked my way up through several belt colours, though I lost most of those prized belts when we moved house recently. I took part in several regional tournaments too and won a shield and several medals. I think I stopped going when I was fourteen - I was busy with other stuff by then - but it was a great way to keep fit and build confidence and I do miss it sometimes!

Gracie says:
When I was little I was always dancing around to Strictly Come Dancing and Lazy Town. I started ballet and tap dancing lessons and really enjoyed it at first, but it was very strict and I wanted a bit of fun too. We had an open day show and Mum and Dad thought my expression said it all… I clearly wasn't happy at all. I didn't go any more after that, but five years later I joined PQA Academy for Performing Arts and I do dance, singing and acting. It's totally amazing - I enjoy every minute and I'm doing something I really enjoy. They teach you confidence, too! I have even performed at Her Majesty's theatre in London, live on stage. I highly recommend it! So if you try something and it isn't what you hoped for, don't give up... if I hadn't given up dance lessons when I was younger I might never have found the right niche for me! Things happen for a reason!

Blue says:
I started drama and acting at the age of five and gave it up aged seventeen; that's a long time to keep up a hobby! I'd sacrificed other activities such as Brownies to keep going, and there were two simmers I spent at the theatre for two hours a day taking part in productions. At sixteen, I had to leave the youth theatre as I was then too old, but I still studied drama at school and won the Higher Drama award that year. I wanted to be a drama teacher. I applied to do an acting course at my drama teacher's old college but I didn't get in, and that's where it started to fall apart. I lost all confidence in my acting abilities and didn't even have the youth theatre to buoy my self-esteem. I moved to a new town so I can't even volunteer at the youth theatre, which was something I'd considered… I have social anxiety, so joining a new group is a huge NO. I was sad to give up drama but it did make way for new hobbies like drawing and writing. It's the circle of life… old hobbies die and new hobbies take their place!

Cathy says:
I love this... I had a few hobbies I tried as a kid and then gave up on, including ballet, piano lessons and riding. Lack of cash was the main reason for giving them up, alas, but drawing, writing, reading and daydreaming were low-cost hobbies that have never let me down! Have YOU had a hobby you later dropped? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Crawling under tables . . . the best hobby of all!

  2. I struggled to stick with any hobby or club I tried when I was little, i think because I got too anxious about going back and I found the groups too much but we didn't know that when I was a child. I tried Rainbows, Army cadets twice, Hockey club, piano lessons but I gave them all up!! I always wish I had tried harder to stick with it. Then When I started having bigger anxiety problems, I gave up everything anyway :( hopefully I am getting back to doing fun things again now.

  3. I had loads of hobbies when I was younger. In fact, most of the time I couldn't keep up with them! Ballet, ballroom,tap, modern, singing, gymnastics, table tennis all sorts . When I was about seven I gave up all my hobbie but the only one I am left with is dancing but it is the hobby I always liked the most.

    From Niamh.

  4. I have done ballet, drama, G.A.A, swimming, and Brigins over the years, but I always end up quitting! Right now I'm in guides with my friends.



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