Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Want to know how to make yummy Queen of Hearts jam tarts from scratch? Easy… my trusty helpers will show you how!

You will need:
12 tsp jam (any flavour but red looks fab!)
28g caster sugar
255g plain flour
140g chilled unsalted butter
6 tbsp cold water

To make:
1. Preheat the oven to 190c or gas mark 5.

2. Sieve flour into mixing bowl, chop butter into small pieces and rub into flour until mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs.

3. Add water one tablespoon at a time, stirring mixture with a blunt knife blade until a firm dough forms.

4. Grease a cupcake tray and cut pastry into rounds using a large pastry/ cookie cutter. Press dough circles gently into cupcake tray.

5. Spoon a little jam (a bit less than you'd think) into the pastry circles. (Too much and it will bubble over!)

6. Use a small, heart shaped pastry/cookie cutter to cut pastry hearts… pop one onto the jam on each tart!

7. Bake at 190c/ gas mark 5 for 12-15 minutes. Yum!

Watch a video of the jam-tart making HERE!

Thanks to Poppy, Helena, Kresten, Emiko & Acer for being jam tart experts… and for helping me 'test' the jam tarts! Are YOU a baking whizz? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!



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