Tuesday 24 June 2014


Another in our occasional series of readers problems… as solved by one of the Chocolate Box sisters! With your help, too, of course!

Soraya says:
I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but my parents are out at work all day and say this means we cannot look after one properly. They think it would be unfair on the dog and also that they would have to do all the hard work like feeding and walking. That's not true - I would do everything! I am animal mad. I have done some research and I think a Golden Retriever would be perfect for our family. I have even found out about a dog walker in the area who could walk the dog during the day, and apparently if you get two they can keep each other company anyway. I have tried and tried to show my parents I am serious about this, but still they say no. They just won't listen to me. What can I do?

Coco says:
I understand your enthusiasm, but… I hate to say it, YOU are the one not listening here. Your parents have been very straight about this. They work all day and think it is unfair to keep a dog if it is alone all day, and I agree. Our dog Fred actually came to us from an old lady in the village who wasn't able to look after him properly any more. He had become very sad and neglected, but he really cheered up once he was able to roam around the gardens at Tanglewood and go for long walks every day, and of course Mum and Paddy are always around. Dogs need company, and get very lonely and sometimes destructive if left all day.
Using a dog walker is one solution, but it's an expensive one and the dog would still be alone a lot of the time. A better idea might be for you to help out at your local dog's home or rescue centre… there are lots of unwanted dogs there who really need some love and affection as well as someone to help clean them out, walk them, feed them, groom them. You'd find your help could make a HUGE difference to those animals. Meanwhile, why not get a goldfish as a pet, like my sister Cherry? Very low maintenance! As for the Golden Retriever of your dreams, you can get one in the future when you have your own home and family… although maybe by then you might decide that re-homing an unwanted rescue dog might be an even better option!

Cathy says:
Coco has very strong views on this - do you agree? What would YOU say to Soraya? COMMENT BELOW to share your views!


  1. I agree with Coco. You may have really good reasons to have a dog but your parents also have really good reasons NOT to have a dog and in this situation, parents have full control over the house. I know I've always wanted a bunny but since me and my family always go out and abroad, I'm not allowed to have one. I think that maybe you should get a dog in the future. Once you have your own house and a job, you can do everything you always wanted to do before! Don't give up on it though!!! There is a dog waiting for you. Just in the future.

  2. Agreed, I used to want a dog and my parents kept saying no. I am glad I saw sense though. Soraya, listen to Coco you'll be glad you did in the end. Emma :)

  3. I think Coco´s right. I really understand Soraya´s wish, but let´s be honest... It´s quite impossible having a dog while you´re not home all day. Maybe a better idea is to help unwanted dogs in dog´s home. If Soraya loves dogs, it would make her as happy as having her own dog; showing unwanted dogs that someone CAN love them is nice, isn´t it ? :)

  4. I agree with coco. it would be unfair to leave it for a long period of time.



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