Friday 19 September 2014


Reader Elysce was horrified when she found out that ELEVEN local libraries in her home town of Liverpool were threatened with closure. And she wasn't about to stand by and let it happen…

Elysce says:
I am eleven years old and I live in Liverpool. My favourite thing to do in the world is read; I hope one day to become an author and that people will read the stories I have written. I have read hundreds of books and I love finding new ones in my library. I think it would be an awful thing to take books and libraries away from people. People should be able to visit libraries whenever they want to.

When I found out that the libraries were closing I was deeply upset and felt that I had to do something to stop it. I decided that something had to be done, and that's why I started the petition, in the hope that my favourite place will not be taken away. I wanted to do something more than just sign a petition so I started my own. Because it is online, people can share it around between their friends and the signatures are growing. I never thought so many people would sign, but we need more signatures so that we have a real chance of keeping those libraries open.

I love visiting the libraries in Liverpool, and my mum was happy that I spent a lot of time in the summer holidays visiting them. I also went to a two-week camp called 'Book It' and my mum has told me that the council paid a lot of money for people to go, and that they are partners with the people who organised it. What I don't understand is, why encourage children to read and spend a lot of money getting them interested in it, and then all of a sudden take it away? To me, and to many others, a library is a place that you can just come to and read and take a few minutes away from the world… and now those minutes will be gone. I decided that something had to be done, and that's why I started the petition… in the hope that my favourite place will not be taken away.

Please, please, please support and help me to stop the libraries from closing in Liverpool, I could not imagine how boring life would be if we had no books. Someone once said: 'In the library, one often finds, people close their mouths and open their minds.' I really think that this is true.


Cathy says:
I am so, so impressed with Elysce's determination to do whatever she can to keep these libraries open. To close ELEVEN of Liverpool's well-used and much-loved local libraries is no less than a massacre, so please, PLEASE sign the petition and SHARE it to your Facebook/ Twitter pages so we can gather more support show Liverpool Council that we love and need these libraries. Your signature can make a BIG difference! COMMENT BELOW to tell us what libraries mean to you, and to pledge your support for the protest. THANK YOU!!!


  1. When I was eleven the library was my only access to the world. True, I had a bike, but the books took me further.

  2. Wish I could sign your petition but I cant - I live in Ireland, where there's no postal codes. But im rooting for you Elysce! Eimear x

  3. Good on ya Elysce!! Librararies ROCK!!

  4. Just signed it! Hamdi:)xxx

  5. I just singed it for you because I love books as well and I would feel the same way you would right now. Keep fighting! Rosie xxx



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