Wednesday 3 September 2014


My arty readers have been excelling themselves again… with beautiful sketches of their fave CC characters! Take a look!

Ellie says:
I chose to draw Cherry because she's different - an outsider who doesn't really belong. She looks different, too, and gets teased about that. She is so full of emotion… I wanted to show that in her eyes, because eyes can tell so much. For this drawing, I tried to forget about the book and the description of Cherry - it was all about how I saw her. I started with the eye - making it as expressive as I could - and built the face around this. For the background, I made a crazy collage of words from the book which kind of sum up Cherry's life. I love drawing: I'm a perfectionist, and when you draw you can make things the way you want them to be. You can also invent people and stories, just like writing! Drawing is an escape hole for me as well, although when it doesn't quite work I make myself an emergency cup of hot chocolate!

Alice says: 
Ginger is my favourite character because of her personality and how she feels like a small fish in a big pond even when she's with her best friend Shannon. When I saw Cathy's post about drawing your fave CC character for the DREAMCATCHER blog-zine, I knew exactly which one I wanted to do. This is definitely one of my favourite drawings I've ever done as I was able to let my imagination go wild. Art and reading are probably my biggest hobbies so bringing them together was really fun! Gingersnaps is definitely my fave CC book and overall one of my favourite ever books.
Kaylee says:
Well, last time I drew Cherry Costello, and she is definitely a favourite, but this time I wanted to draw Skye. I love her dreams in the book Marshmallow Skye; and also because the vintage outfits in anime often include lots of frills and lace, which is something I am trying to learn to draw right now. I am also trying to get better at anatomy, and so Skye was a great choice for a princess/elegant feel. I also feel that Skye represents me on terms of her dreaming personality. I have a teacher leaving at the moment and wanted to draw Skye to make sure this teacher remembered how much of a daydreamer I was… so it works in all kinds of ways! Skye is adorable, actually. She's a great girl to draw!

Latifa says:
This is my picture of Skye… I chose her because I love her individuality and independence. I am a lot like her, personality-wise, and I'd love to hear a bit more about her in the series so I am looking forward to FORTUNE COOKIE in June 2015 in case that tells me how she's getting on! I did the picture in anime style - which I totally love - using a 2b pencil… well, it's the only pencil I have, so I use it for school too! I loved drawing her plait as it's not a plain, regular plait and nor is it a fishtail… it's a rope plait, which is my favourite, and I think it's a style Skye would love.

Jasmine says:
From a child I have always loved art; it was my granddad who inspired me, sitting me down to draw birds, butterflies and wildlife. I was never a fantastic artist but I tried my best and although I made lots of mistakes, I always learned from them. I especially love using pencils because they're great for shading and adding detail. I chose to draw Dizzy and Leggit because I love drawing animals - especially wolves! Drawing Leggit gave me a bit more practice and I added Dizzy in to complete the picture! I've never been good at drawing people, but I've been practicing and I have improved, thanks to looking at comics, Marvel heroes especially. All in all, art has always been special to me - I know I will continue drawing!

Cathy says:
With my ex-art teacher hat on, I can honestly say these drawings are AWESOME! I love seeing my characters come to life, and also appreciate the variety of techniques and styles Ellie, Alice, Kaylee, Latifa and Jasmine have used in their sketches. Could YOU draw a fave CC character for DREAMCATCHER? Email it to me via the main website or message via the Facebook fanpage… or COMMENT BELOW to tell me what you think of these inspiring pics!


  1. Wow these r amazing! I especially like kaylee's drawing of skye. It's so quirky, cool and clever. Wish I ould draw like that! I think I prefer writng over drawing but I'll try to have go at drawing my fave cc character! thnx for this amazing blog cathy. Hamdi:)xxx

  2. soz i meant could not ould! Hamdi:)xxx

  3. These are an inspiration to me as I have never really been able to draw people but these are truly amazing! ; ) Rosie xxx



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