Wednesday 17 September 2014


We asked readers to tell us about their favourite pets… and this is what they said!

Vicky says:
Billie was brought home in late September 2007. She is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier and some people think that this breed of dog can be dangerous, but that's not true - Billie has a great temperment. Billie is my best friend; I used to read her some of my books when I was younger, and snuggle up with her. Also, I was obsessed with her ears - I used to put bobbles on them as if they were hair. Not the best thing to do, but she was always very patient! Billie has always been there for me when I'm feeling down, and I am there for her in return if she's feeling unwell. I love her so much!

Blue says:
I have so many stories of my cat Finn (named after Finn in DIZZY.) Like how he used to sit on my shoulder as a kitten or how he used to climb the doorframe to get to the shelf where he liked to sleep, and taught the other cats to do the same. How we took him for walks around town, where he'd be fussed by everyone we met; or how he purred so loudly the whole house could hear him. He purred when he ate, he purred when he slept… he purred all the time. Or how, when he was about to be put down two months after his second birthday as he was ill with a progressive bladder problem, he sat perfectly still on the examination table as I held him and sobbed. It was like he knew what was happening and wanted to reassure me he'd be OK. I don't have any pictures of us together - I only have about three pictures of him because I lost my phone a few months after he died. So I'm posting this picture, the little tub with a tree pattern and 'Finn' plaque on the lid that contains his ashes, and the forget-me-not locket with a snippet of his fur in it. I miss my baby.

Kiera says:
We got our dog Pepper (female!) in 2006, and we were all so excited - I'd never known anything like it.  When my mum and brother arrived home with Pepper, I was dying to see her. My brother has always said that he didn't choose Pepper - she chose him. I think that's such a cute way to put it, rather than saying, 'I saw a dog and it fell in love with me,' or something along those lines. Pepper has been the best dog ever, although she is getting older now. When her time comes, I will be extremely sad, but I will always be incredibly grateful for everything she has done for me!

Heather says:
My dog Ozzy is probably the best pet I have ever had. He is bouncy, lively and extremely cute. He goes for runs in the woods every day and loves to dive into refreshing, cool and sometimes swampy rivers as a way to cool down! He loves to cuddle up and watch TV, and he even likes to join in and have a cup of tea and a slice of toast! His characteristics are cheeky and mischievous but loving and friendly as well. He's brilliant!

Mary Joy says:
I got my pet rat Lucky in 2008. She was very small and soft and she got her name as I remember thinking how very lucky I was to have her! I held her all the way home and couldn't stop smiling. I'd had another pet rat before Lucky, so I had some experience in caring for a rat; Lucky had a two-storey mansion cage at home to roam about in. When she first arrived there were a few issues - she bit Mum and also Mum's cousin, and there came a point when we felt it might be kinder to let her go - to give her chance of living in the wild, so she didn't bite other people. One night we opened her cage and waited for her to run away… but amazingly, she didn't. She sniffed Mum's shoe and climbed back into her cage; she had chosen to stay with us. The biting stopped. We discovered that she was probably scared and that we'd unwittingly been frightening her, and after that we all got along much better. We also learned that you can't release a pet into the wild, not even a rat, so I'm glad she didn't go - she wouldn't have managed alone.) Lucky was dark brown with a white tummy and little socks; she was so cute when she ate her food and cleaned behind her ears. We had an amazingly close bond between us and I loved her a lot. Lucky passed away peacefully at the end of 2010, but the good memories are locked in my heart forever.

Cathy says:
Awww… so many happy and sad stories! Animals can mean so much to us… I know that mine do to me! COMMENT BELOW if you'd like to have YOUR say - or just tell us about your own purr-fect pets!


  1. I have a pet hermit crab

  2. I've always wished I could have a pet! When we went to Spain this summer holiday, the house that we stayed in had 3 adorable kittens that the owners looked after, they were soooooo adorable!!! They had been abadoned by their mother, but fortunately they were so full of character and always wanted to play with us! Btw Blue I love ur hair colour and style it looks amazing! Hamdi:)xxx

    1. Thank you. I'd just had my hair cut so it was rather neat.

    2. Aw ur welcome! What do u use to dye ur hair? Hamdi:)xxx

  3. I have two rats too. Their names are coco and Jess. I love to take them to the shops or movies because they snuggle in a scarf on my shoulders.

  4. I have a black tomcat and two fish but would like a medium or small sized dog one day or maybe even a tortoise! I'm not a rat person cause I don't think they're extremely cute and I'm kinda scarred from the many diseases of wild rats. but I do think it's cool to have pocket sized fluffy cute pets! btw, nice pet names! and cute pets! and rip finn and lucky.

  5. Thank you for including Lucky in this Cathy Cassidy all of your pets seem amazing :D

  6. I have a pet kitten called Milly. She is adorable and is only a couple months old. I love her dearly and she is like my own baby sister.

  7. hi I have a pet kitten called Fifi and she is a girl not a boy and she is the cutest kitten ever. she is a grey colour with big brown round eyes make you want to think she is pleading to eat her favourite food from meow mix.

  8. Since forever I have always wanted a dog. But unfournetly our house was to small but when we moved to Cornwall I had the surprise of my life when we all got into the car to pick up our new labrodour cross retriever he has black fur and he is called Ollie. For the first few weeks he ate his beds lol smiles rosiexxx

  9. My cat Shelby ROCKS! she is soooo cute, pretends to be a scarf, bats our feet, pats a bell, chases everywhere and when i wake up all I can see is her paw or face!
    Charlotte, 9 :3



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