Tuesday 30 September 2014


This week, reader Noa has a question for Coco Tanberry - will you agree with Coco's advice?

Noa says:
I just do not get along with girls my age… I honestly do not care about One Direction, lipstick or boys. My interests are the environment, rabbits, cats, horses, playing violin, reading, writing, craft, cookery… just like you! People think I'm immature, but I disagree… I'm just different! I feel sad as I have no real friends at school, and I'd love some advice on changing this. And some tips on saving the planet, too, if possible!

Coco says:
We really do have lots in common! I feel your pain - I do have friends, but they think I'm crazy a lot of the time! Who cares? I am true to myself and you should be, too. You CAN find some friends… it's just a case of finding kids with similar interests. This term I've started a Green Club at school… I asked my art teacher if I could use her room and made some posters, and we meet every Monday lunchtime. I have actually met some new people this way, who are on the way to becoming proper friends. Every week we talk about a different issue and plan ways to raise money or make posters or campaign to change things. Sometimes it's something big, like writing to the Prime Minister to stop the badger cull, and sometimes it's smaller stuff like getting the school to recycle paper. We are also raising money to sponsor a horse at a local sanctuary. So whatever your interests, you can find out more and get involved in trying to change things. Remember that friends don't have to be perfect, or have to agree with you on every issue or interest… be flexible. Friendship is a two-way thing, and sometimes you can get on with people who are very different as long as both of you are willing to accept the other. Good luck!

Cathy says:
Good advice from Coco… would YOU add to it? If you have tips on making new friends or saving the planet, COMMENT BELOW to share them with Noa!


  1. Coco is right , my best friend loves horror movies but I hate them! But we always find something that we both like. Its good to try and meet new people but never stop being YOU! Try making a club like Coco? She is right stuff like that is a great way to make friends! :-D Try and remember what brought you and your friends together was their something in common? If so biuld on it! Very friend has something special that bonds them together. Find that and you will all be bffs forever! :-D

  2. Coco is right my bestie is loves horror movies , but I really hate them! But we always find something we both like. Friends have a special bond that joins friends at the hip. If you find that then friendship bows to you! Also try and make a club like cocos it is a great way to meet new people. Smiles Rosiexxx

  3. Thank you Coco.
    Noa xx

  4. how can u send in a problem? coz i have 1 thnx

    1. Email it via the 'email Cathy' link on www.cathycassidy.com and state that it's a prob for DREAMCATCHER (and say which sister you'd like to reply to it!) xxx



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