Wednesday 10 September 2014


Did you have a Cathy Cassidy style summer? We asked readers how and why the books and their stories have influenced your summer…

Millie says:
I'm twelve years old and not so keen on reading, or at least I wasn't until recently! I picked up Coco Caramel from the Learning Resources Centre at school before the holidays, and… I am not joking, it was the BEST book I have ever read! I love chocolate, horses, animals… I am so like Coco and I'm also vegetarian and have raised money for animals too. I then searched the library up and down and found Marshmallow Skye… I have never read a book so fast or loved it so much! I never realised that reading could be so special! I've since got hold of a few of the other books too, and they have made my summer. I sat in the arched window of the holiday cottage where we were staying and imagined I was Honey. When we got home, I lay in the garden reading and imagining Cherry sitting on the steps of the gypsy caravan listening to Shay's guitar; imagined Skye in her beautiful dresses and Summer dancing in the grass; Coco riding Caramel and planning how to save the world. This summer has changed my mind about books completely and taken me to Tanglewood to share in the drama.

Luisa says:
My summer has truly been a Cathy Cassidy fest! It all kicked off when I met Cathy at  a brilliant vintage afternoon tea event in the Midlands Hotel in Manchester with my best friend Grace. Since then I have read the books over and over. After that I had fun entering the CC 'Selfie/Shelfie' comp and got a runners up place, which was cool! I went on holiday to Wales and took the whole Chocolate Box series and Dizzy… I read Coco Caramel for the first time and it is now my favourite book! I spent my spare time doodling CC imagery and made some beach-art images of the books by drawing in the sand. When I got home I used an app called Face Q to make cartoon characters of the Chocolate Box characters, which you can see in the picture. First I created Cherry; I gave her a Japanese fan like the one her mother gave her and I love the cute bunches in her hair! Honey was next with long blonde hair, a flower headband and the maths book she uses when studying with Tara and Bennie.  Coco wears her panda hat and a rabbit t-shirt to reflect her views against animal testing; she is holding one of the ducks. Charlotte is holding a paintbrush as she used to be an art student. Skye wears a vintage hat and sailor outfit and ballerina Summer has hair in a neat bun and a baggy pink t-shirt as always! Last but not least, Paddy holds a cake decorated with his own handmade, fair-trade truffles! I loved creating the characters… it was fun thinking about the little details that make each character unique!

Holly says:
This has been a Cathy Cassidy summer for me because I discovered Cathy's books for the first time at my local library. I really enjoyed each one, but my favourite is Summer's Dream because it tackled a real-life problem and made me see how people in that situation might actually feel. Reading the books made me want to find out more about Cathy, so I went to her website and also found the Facebook Fanpage. I did the quizzes at the end of the books and on the website and learned a lot more about Cathy and her books. One day I spotted a competition on the Facebook Fanpage… I had to do a quiz on DREAMCATCHER and then post on the page. My name was randomly picked from a hat and I won a CC goody bag - it had a keyring, a signed photo, a poster and some chocolate. Finding Cathy's books and winning the goody bag was a real highlight of the summer… I plan to go on reading, so maybe it will be a Cathy Cassidy winter, too!

Cathy says:
I love these stories… it's great to see how the books touch people's lives! Have YOU had a Cathy Cassidy summer? In what way? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more!


  1. I have defs had a cathy cassidy summer! I was so excited to buy and read sweet honey in the summer holidays! I also brought coco caramel that same day coz I didn't have that book at home! I also brought and re-read a lot of cathy cassidy books in the summer. I've read sweet honey 6 times already coz it's so brilliant! Thnx cathy for writing such amazing books and maing my summer so enjoyable! Hamdi:)xxx

  2. p.s I love ur amazing cartoon luisa! it's amazing! Hamdi:)xxx

  3. hi! I really LOVE this post! I have been reading since I was nine. I started off with the daizy star books, and there were two of them because the first was published in 2009, then the next in 2010, and I'm thirteen. when I had finished both of them, I read an extract on the website of one of the older books, but didn't quite get it, being not even ten. next year another came out. then the next year I tried the older books again and I got them this time. so, I've read all the daizy star books, dizzy, indigo blue,scarlett, lucky star and all the chocolate box girls. my fave was dizzy but the rest were very good. luv the drawings.

  4. hi! I've read most of cathy's books and love them all, but my fave is dizzy. I've been reading the daizy star series since I was nine in 2010, then when I was eleven I started reading the older books. I've read all the daizy star books and I only need to read a few of the older books, including sweet honey.I'm sure they're all as good as the rest, though! I love this post! and I love the animations! they are sooooo cool! well, I really have to go. BYE! anon girl xxx :)

  5. wow cool
    well it was winter where I live....

  6. Hi, my fave Cathy Cassidy books have to be the chocolate box girls. Each sister/brother has a different story to tell.

  7. The character Im most like is SKYE



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