Thursday 11 September 2014


Another in our series of features on readers around the world… we talk to Kaylee, who lives in Australia!

Kaylee says:
Hi! Or as we say in Aussie, g'day mate! I'm Kaylee, and I'm from New South Wales, Australia… the land down under in the Southern Hemisphere! Australia is a pretty cool country. It's the biggest island - and we are surrounded by ocean.. lots of it! Australia is split into states - NSW, Queensland, Western Australia, North Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory. So… weather. In NSW the weather… sucks! We range from hot to freezing cold to just right. It's supposed to be winter right now but it's actually warm for a winter. Summer is the best time, as we spend it with friends and family at the beach or having a barbeque, which is a great. Sydney is the biggest city in NSW and it's busy! It's home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, two beautiful man-made landmarks.
Our school system is strict and all schools require you to wear a uniform. My school is especially strict as it's a Catholic all-girls high school. Skirts below the knee, hair tied up… but it's fun! I have drawn the uniform, below. I love my school, it's the best… and the teachers are amazing! They are so unique and cool and creative and crazy! I enjoy Japanese and Music the most and sometimes English and History. What makes my school unique is that we do so much charity and volunteer work that reaches all across Australia and to the outside world, such as raising money for the homeless, or for people in war-torn places like Afghanistan.
Australia is a very multicultural country - two of my friends are from Korea! But, it is also a unique country. It is home to the famous Aussie kangaroos, koalas and Tasmanian devils which do not appear anywhere else. As for food, our signature foods are Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits), Lamingtons (fluffy white cake coated with chocolate and coconut) and barbies, of course! They involve steak, sausages, chips, salad, bread and fun. And because we are multicultural, we have foods from Japan, America, Korea, France and much more. But chocolate will always be the first food of love here…
Our clothes are also different. Everyone has their own style to match the seasons. In Summer it's sunglasses, thongs (flip-flops) shorts and a shirt, and in Winter it's beanies and warm, snuggly clothes. I like to wear tights, a beret and a cute sweater.
I think Captain James Cook claimed the first land back in 1770m but Australia's first inhabitants were the Aboriginal people. Slowly, the land grew into the country we have today. We celebrate most special events, though Christmas is a little different because it means sunshine and beaches! It never snows, not in my area, anyway,
and much as I love the beach I would love to see snow as well!
If there's one thing I don't like about Australia, it's the government; they keep refugees in detention centres or send them back to their country even though they may be in danger there. Horrible, isn't it? I am not good with politics, but I know that this isn't right. Apart from that, Aussies are pretty carefree, and we're a very safe country. Overall, I LOVE Australia… I have met the best people here, awesome teachers and forever friends. I have been to places that will always be special to me. If you ever get the chance, come visit… it's awesome!

Cathy says:
I LOVE Kaylee's exuberant account of life in Australia… who wouldn't want to visit! Have you ever been to Aus? Or would you like to write about your own country? Or maybe you'd just like to COMMENT BELOW on Kaylee's fab feature!


  1. Ha, no wonder so many South Africans immigrate to Australia - the two countries are so alike!!!!!! Barbeques, summer Christmas, wild animals, except Australia is safer... My uncle once brought me an opal necklace from there, but I'd love to see Australia with my own eyes!! Very cool post :) - Lauren

    1. You'd be so lucky to come to Australia! It's such a beautiful country! :)

    2. I think most people see Australia as a place where we all talk like "G'day Mate." and it's nice weather everyday, and everyone has kangaroos in their backyard, and so on. But, most of these things don't apply to most aussies, this isn't how it actually is.

  2. I live in NSW, AUS, too, and agree with all this. #aussie

  3. Wow. My cousin lives in Australia, but I am here in good ol' Éireann. (Ireland) Wouldn't have it any other way, though. Except for the way our language is taught, the curriculum could do with a few changes. But it's all good!

  4. Wow, australia sounds epic! I've always wished I could go there to see the wildlife, landscape and beautiful beaches. Hamdi:)xxx

  5. I live in Adelaide and love to drawing
    From Arabella

  6. Hi there
    My name's Christina (but I personally like to be called Kurisu with is my nickname in Japanese). I too live in Sydney NSW. Australia is a very unique place and we do get many visitors, mainly to see the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru; the heart of Australia, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I recommend that the next holiday you take, come to Australia, better during Christmas or New Years Eve.

    Kurisu })i({

  7. Please come to adelaide cathy from Arabella



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