Monday 8 September 2014


Another in our occasional series on dealing with difficult situations and feelings. Reporter Emma gives you the low-down on handling lack of confidence and insecurity…

Emma says:
Insecurities; we've all had them. That degrading feeling that every part of you 'could be better'. Looking back on my own insecurities, I have found that they can be managed with some helpful, hopeful tips… I strongly believe that together we can eradicate insecurities!

1. Ask yourself why and when you started to feel this way. Did something happen at some point to trigger this negative way of thinking? Answering these questions is a great start on the road to wherever your destination may be.

2. Make a 'me' collage of all the things you like about yourself. If you want you can even personalise it by including the things you like in general, eg: hobbies, skills and talents. Make the collage in your favourite colour to add an extra splash of personality.

3. Do at least one thing each day that makes you happy. It could be something as simple as dancing round the room to your favourite song, taking a pet for a walk or simply calling a friend for a chat.

4. Talk to someone about how you have been feeling. I know it's easier said than done, but things that are worth doing often are. You'd be surprised how a simple chat with someone you trust can provide you with real feelings of relief and support.

5. Shake things up. This will provide you with an element of hope and excitement for the future, giving you something to look forward to and a sense of a fresh start. I personally find a haircut is a great way to let go of the past, which can at times feel like it is weighing you down.

Until we deal again,

(Pics above posed by models Charlotte & Izzy; photos taken by Fran.)

Cathy says:
Feeling insecure and lacking in confidence is not unusual, especially during the teen years when many young people are under a lot of pressure. Try Emma's great suggestions for shaking off the blues… if they don't work, check out my book, LETTERS TO CATHY, a non-fiction girl's guide to growing up which has some great chapters on building confidence and self-esteem. Do YOU have any insecurities?  Have you overcome them or are you still struggling? COMMENT BELOW to share your worries and your advice!


  1. This reminds me a little bit about Summer's eating disorder and how she felt insecure about her shape.

  2. thats so true I'm gonna have to use those things thanks emma xx

  3. congrats on a great piece again em!! x
    -walzing fish ;) xx

  4. So very true Emma x

  5. Thank you Emma. I feel insecure about myself and how people will look at me. Even if some people may not know him or like him, Michael Jackson felt insecure about himself and changed the way he looked. I loved the way he looked first but comments destroyed his confidence. I don't let rude comments get to me. If I am happy with my look I stick to that look.
    R.I.P Michael Jackson 1958-2009

  6. I used to feel insecure about how I looked I felt so depressed sometimes that I felt uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing. School didn't help either when I got a new coat for primary school that I especially liked people started laughing at it or giving me questioning looks. But when I talked to my mum she help allot and tolled me how people where just jealous this boosted my confidence and nobody laughs anymore smiles Rosie



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