Wednesday 1 October 2014


More stories of lovely, loyal pets… and the bond between us and them!

Caoillin says:
I got my dog Humphrey last year. He's a cockerpoo - half cocker spaniel and half poodle! Everyone always mistakes him for a girl and he does have a pink collar… but I love him! His full name is Lord Humphrey The Cute, but we just call him Humph… isn't he cool?
Laura says:
We've always had lots of pets - budgies, gerbils, hamsters, goldfish and rabbits - but my best friend for all my life, since we've had him, is my dog Brandy. He's honestly the best dog in the world! We've had him since he was twelve weeks old and he has always been there for me; when I was younger, I'd tell him my troubles and even now if I'm upset he always makes me feel better. He was a rescue dog who had been treated badly before he came to us. At one point, when he was younger, he was quite ill - there was a problem with his liver and and stopped eating and drank water all the time. We were so worried, but he recovered and we all love him so much I don't know what we'd do without him. Brandy is thirteen now and I can't imagine being without him… he's one of the family!

Eve says:
I've had my cat Millie ever since she was six weeks old and extremely tiny! She was really happy when she was younger but then we got another cat, Skye, and Millie must have felt betrayed because she was quite angry and aggressive for the next few years. This summer, we went on holiday to Florida for two weeks, and my granddad was looking after the cats - there were three by now, counting Jet, the youngest. Apparently Millie went missing for nine days… but she did turn up in the end. I think she was so grateful we came back that she's been much more friendly since then! Even if she is a bit moody, she's still my baby!

Hazel says:
My brother and I got our rabbits, Sammy and Clover, as early birthday presents in December 2010. They were brother and sister, and a couple of months old when we got them. They were the cutest bunnies I'd ever seen and the whole family fell in love with them. Clover was my baby - she had white fur, a grey nose and tail and could be quite skittish. Sammy was my brother's, and a bit of a chameleon… he had mostly black fur to begin with, with white and grey splotches, but then bits of him began to turn brown! He was very laid back and happier to be held and cuddled. When my family learned we were moving to California in October, it was decided we had to re-home the rabbits. Sammy and Clover moved to their new home in November, and I haven't seen or heard of them since; one thing's for sure, I will never forget them.

Willa says:
My dog Jack was my hero - he was a labrador crossed with a Great Dane, and he looked after me when I was little right up until the time he passed away two years ago. We knew he was dying, but he waited until I'd woken up and looked me in the eyes and took a big breath and closed his eyes; he was the most incredible dog ever. Whenever we went to the river, you'd throw a rock in and Jack would go after it, and he wouldn't come back until he had that exact rock! And he'd bring it home, too! We made him a beautiful grave with flowers and a cross… I love you jack and miss you!

Cathy says:
Such beautiful stories of the love between humans and animals… thanks so much girls, for sharing! Do YOU have an extra special pet? COMMENT BELOW to share your story or leave a comment on these stories!


  1. I got my puppy just a few months ago! At just 9 months old he is already quite big! He is a cross between a Labrador and a retriever he is also black with brown eyes and the cutest ears I have ever seen! Our special connection is when me and my dad play fight he comes charging over and tries to bite my dads hands to make him let go! LOL Also when he wen't over to my mum to play, my mum said "Not now Olie I'm not feeling great" And do you know what he did? He gently rested his head on her lap and stayed there the hole time! I love my dog and allays will! Rosiexxx : )

  2. I love animals!! I have 2 adorable, mellow and playful dogs, a gorgeous snuggly, docile bunny and a group of chickens!!

  3. I have a 4 month old cavalier king Charles spaniel who is super cute. he was 8 weeks when we had him. his name is Alfie. he hurts when he bites but I love him!!!!!!!!

  4. I love my dog his name is buddy he's a beijon freeze he is 3 he is my best friend I have had him since he was 2 months.No one understands me like him he always listens to my problems.He doesn't obey anyone except for me (not even my sister)He ran away once when I was walking him he ran all the way down a really long road but he came home all on his own even though he was only 11 months

  5. hi cathy.. you went to my school weatherhead today i was wondering if you could give me them daydreaming tips x



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