Monday 6 October 2014


If there's one thing worse than embarrassing yourself  big-time, it's embarrassing yourself big-time at SCHOOL. Readers share their worst red-face moments…

Kym says:
I forgot to lock the toilet door on a residential trip and a male teacher walked in while I was pulling my knickers up. We never looked each other in the eye again. Nor did I go on any more school trips…

Laura says:
Going into a classroom at college, I reached behind to push the door shut without actually looking… and realised I was pushing the boy behind me in the chest. At least it got my friends laughing!

Blue says:
I came out of an English exam at the same time as my crush. I'd left my bag on top of the lockers and being short, I was jumping up and down trying to grab it. She turned to ask if I was OK just as I caught the strap and pulled the whole thing down on my head… textbooks, notes, sketchbook, pens, pencils… I'd left it unzipped. My crush walked away and the corridor was full of my classmates who had witnessed it all; I was left scrabbling about to pick it all up, my face crimson. The world can be a dark and cruel place when you're sixteen.

Bethanie says:
When I was fourteen I made the fatal mistake of mis-pronouncing the word 'organism' in class. You can imagine my shame. Ex classmates still laugh about it now, years later…

Molly says:
Walking down a crowded gym corridor with my blazer over my arm… leaving a trail of sanitary pads behind me…

Niamhie says:
I was so busy talking to my friends that I missed my footing on some steps and fell head first down them, wearing a skirt which wasn't doing much to hide my modesty. About a hundred kids and one creepy male teacher were watching - I nearly died!

Abigail says:
One day I managed to split my trousers all the way up my bum. I did my best to hide the split and thought I'd got away with it until a sixth former pointed it out… waaah!

LilMiss says:
Walking around school happily, not knowing I had a huge rip in the back of my cardie…

Latifa says:
On my first day of Junior High I tripped on the stairs and almost fell over in front of all the seniors… and then a Year Nine girl spilt her drink on me, so I had to walk around for the rest of the day wearing a wet skirt with horrible stains…

Jana says:
Two years ago I had a very short haircut. Some people came into class to give out footballing leaflets, just for the boys… but it turned out to be just for the boys and ME. Everyone laughed and I felt such an idiot…

Laura M says:
Everything. Falling up the stairs. Making a speech in RE then promptly falling off the chair. Waiting ages in a queue with impatient people behind me, then dropping all my money. Calling a girl in my class 'Mum' (she's still not talking to me). Falling over a hurdle in gym. Any Scottish Country Dancing lesson. Shall I go on?

Cathy says:
Wow… some v cringey moments there! Which reader gets YOUR cringe-of-the-day award? COMMENT BELOW to tell us, or to share YOUR embarrassing school story!


  1. went in the swimming carnival with a strapless bikini.
    did not end well. :')

  2. A boy in my year stole my bag I ran after him to get it back. But unfortunately it had rained really hard so I slipped and slid on my bum down the rest of the hill right down to the bench where him and his mates where sitting pointing and laughing it hurt so bad but I tried to laugh to off but came out like a wimper which made them laugh even more. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Blushing Rosiexxx

  3. Called my teachers mummy and daddy all the time even worse than mum and dad!!!!!:( #MORTIFIED!!!!

  4. Cringy times! Hamdi:)xxx

  5. never got embarrassed in school before. #lucky! I like putting in hashtags. dont know wat they 4 though.

  6. Oh God!
    I've only been in secondary school for 4 or 5 weeks. And I embarrass my self everyday! What's Wrong with me?! :-D

    1. its the same with me only i actually havent embarassed myself yet, ive been at secondary school 4/5 weeks and even though i havent been embarassed ive seen others having cringe attacks lol
      ~let the haters hate~ Darcey xx

  7. I have about 3443454345434 cringes IN PRIMARY SCHOOL (still there) only 1 I can share, when I called the year 2 teacher Mum, and I was quite a crybaby back then, and guess what? #WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    LOL! Charlotte, 9 :3

  8. And at a playgym, I was terrified of closing the door, sooo 2 girls walked in on me...
    OMG! Charlotte, 9 :3

  9. I haven't had many cringes. Except the time when I called my best friend sister- and I am so glad I don't even have a sister! Everyone fell about laughing... including me!...

  10. - In the playground jumping on the wooden blocks (they were chairs but in a circle so we all jumped on them), slipped on one, did a 360 degree flip and landed on my bum. Nobody saw the flip but they all saw me on my bum and the floor.
    - I thought that 2 + 3 = 4 in Maths . . . I'm in Top Set Year 9
    - I forgot to wear my bra in PE (it's not like I had big boobs, it's just the fact everybody thought in was wrong not to)
    - Me and my friend were in a rush so she was pulling me as I am slow and PULLED me over! To this day, my friend still says "Next time you trip, send me a psotcard"
    - I was talking to my friends (can't remember what about and I said that I was a lesbian (jokingly) in the girls changing rooms (I'm not actually, I currently have no sexuality) and all the popular girls acted as if I had some deadly disease and that I wanted to look at them. I then had a go at them for being against homosexual people and they were too stunned that the quiet girl spoke they didn't reply.



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