Wednesday 8 October 2014


Got a problem? Let the Tanberry-Costello sisters sort it out for you! This week, Skye offers advice to a reader trying to find her own distinctive style…

Louisa says:
In the last year I have been getting in to vintage style. I am a bit bigger than my friends and have a curvy figure, and I think the 50s style dresses I like are quite flattering for me. I wore one of my dresses to a party last weekend and one of my friends told me afterwards that people were laughing at me and that perhaps I shouldn't draw attention to myself and wear bright colours and cinched-in styles when I am not exactly thin. I'm not sure what to think… especially as I got asked to dance a lot, had lots of compliments and was even asked out by a boy in the year above. I know I shouldn't care what others think, but this has knocked my confidence. I may not be a perfect size ten, but that doesn't mean I have to wear brown tent dresses for the rest of my life, surely?

Skye says:
Ouch… I think this is a classic case of the green-eyed monster! Your friend sounds jealous of the attention you got, and perhaps also envious of your distinctive style. You're right, 50s dresses can look amazing on anyone lucky enough to have a curvy figure, and it sounds like people liked your party look. Maybe one or two less adventurous types didn't approve, but so what? You can't please everybody. I love trying all kinds of different vintage looks and I do get teased and laughed at sometimes, but I honestly don't care - I love pushing the boundaries where style is concerned! Have a chat with your friend and let her know you're OK with standing out from the crowd… but if she goes on undermining your confidence, it may be that she's not a friend at all. Big, small, tall, short… it shouldn't matter. Wear what you love, and wear it with confidence!

Cathy says:
Is Louisa's friend jealous or just trying to help? Do YOU agree with Skye's advice? COMMENT BELOW to let Louisa know what you think!


  1. Skye is totally right! Be confidential in what you where if you feel good in what you where you will look good! PS: i love vintage 2! Smiles Rosiexxx

  2. Skye's advice is really helpful! Hamdi:)xxx

  3. If you felt confident in that outfit b4 ur friend told you that then dont worry about it
    ~let the haters hate~
    Darcey xx

  4. dont worry about what others think! everyone's different! what if you dont look exactly like them?! who cares?!be the person you want to be, not who others want you to be.
    lauren XXX

  5. Just be confident in yourself! If you don't have choices cause of other's jealousy then you're just gonna feel depressed. And remember, never be embarrassed, because it's OK to stand out, be different. By the way, Vintage rocks!
    Charlotte, 9 :3

  6. hi just believe that you can believe what you want and if someone's jealous talk it out don't be scared love who you are and let people envy you they are their own person with their own mind if they chose to do that let them remember you rock! :)



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