Friday 17 October 2014


Another in our series of inspiring mum and daughter teams… we meet Latifa from Indonesia, whose mother Tri is a diplomat….

Tri says:
I am a diplomat currently working in Portugal. Working here feels the same as working in any other country, it's just that the traditions are different from back home in Indonesia. You don't have to follow the customs and traditions, but you do have to respect them… it's the least you can do. Sometimes the weather affects things and a meeting time has to be changed… in Indonesia the weather is more… friendly! It is not easy to work at such a distance from my family. Kids whose mothers work away do have to be more independent and mature than other children, usually from a young age. They have to learn how to do things themselves and take the initiative if they're feeling ill or if there is a problem. It is a challenge for everyone in the family, but we cope with it and Latifa is managing well.

Latifa says:
My parents are always worried about me and my siblings, concerned about whether we can adapt to the different countries we may find ourselves in and if we are OK with school. When I was younger, I didn't like moving around too much. It felt like I was always being dragged about and having to adapt quickly to new situations, wherever they might take me. I had a lot of mood swings before we moved away from the UK and back to Indonesia. I cried a lot, threw tantrums… it was a very difficult time. Things are better now. My mum is pretty fluent in portuguese and so is my brother, which can be awkward when we have a holiday because they get to act as tour guides!
A lot of people don't know that we are travellers, so they kind of wonder why the younger brother can speak Portuguese and the older sisters can't!
I am living in Indonesia now and Mum is in Portugal, so that can be a challenge, but she will be home at the end of the month and I can't wait. I am very proud of my mum, and my family say I am a lot like her personality wise. I have learned not to be over dependent on her, and also not be afraid to say no when you need to, and those are very useful things I think. My ambition is to be an artist one day, so perhaps in the future I may travel back to London or visit the Czech Republic, somewhere I would love to see. I would do things a little differently from my mum, though - perhaps not move around quite so much, if I had the choice!

Cathy says:
Wow… a fascinating insight into a long-distance mum/daughter relationship which helps us see that having a high-flying parent is not always as easy or idyllic as it may sound! COMMENT BELOW to share your thoughts with Latifa or to volunteer yourself for an upcoming mum/daughter feature for DREAMCATCHER!

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