Saturday 25 October 2014


The media says that teenagers today are out of control… we asked reader Cat to give us the inside story!

Cat says:
I think the media used to paint a pretty grim view of teenagers, but not so much anymore. I do think people can feel threatened if they see a group of teenagers on the street at night, because of what the media used to say. I think parents and adults in general are trying to do the best for us but of course we want to be independent so we are always going to disagree! They think the worst of us sometimes; yes, we do make mistakes but we also learn from them!

I am a really individual person… some would say strange, but I don't care! I used to worry what people thought but I don't let it get to me anymore; I have the people in my life that I need. Anyone who doesn't approve or agree with who I am can just jog on! Most of the girls I know don't feel pressured to dress a certain way… but we do dress to impress. I'm not talking about impressing boys especially - just other girls! If some girls choose to wear revealing stuff, so what? Why judge? I would be what people call a Goth. I don't feel like the 'real' Cat when I wear 'normal' clothes; my style means a lot to me.

I go into town a couple of times a week with my friends, and sometimes there are Friday discos. My parents do worry that I'll drink or something, but most of the time all we do is dance, cry and fall in love! I don't smoke or drink… I just want to  have fun. All I want in my life right now is to let go of the troubled thoughts of everyday life and be happy; I only feel emotions when I am in my boyfriend's arms, really.

Teen life is very hard. Your body and mind are developing and everyone expects you to be this different person all of a sudden and work hard all the time, and yet you're so mixed up… and you just can't. Sometimes, it's a hug from a friend or a night out having fun that gets you through the difficult times…

Cathy says:
Cat's post is very honest and gives a real insight into teen life. Do YOU feel misunderstood by adults? Or pressured to dress/ act a certain way? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Cat, you couldn't have put it better, and I am officially a teenager today so I know what I am talking about!!! Emma :)

  2. This was amazing Cat. People need to stop stereotyping others before they know them! Hamdi:)xxx



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