Thursday 9 October 2014


Have you ever broken a bone? It's quite a challenge, and NOT a whole lot of fun, as reader Piper found out… 

Piper says:
A month ago I broke my ankle. I was just running on the field at school and tripped on a bag; I've been in a purple cast for a month now and using crutches to get around. At first this was tricky, especially at school where I have a few lessons upstairs, so I had to go to the student support class. This is where you go if you cannot get to lessons or aren't well behaved. I didn't enjoy it too much as you just have to get on with the work set by your class teacher, but I did meet some new friends, especially Daisy who helped me back to the car at the end of the day.
I felt quite lonely and missed my other friends, though, so after a week I was determined to use the stairs at school. I couldn't practice at home as we live in a bungalow, so I went to a friend's and we practised going up and down her stairs… and yes, I could do it! So by week two I was back at my regular lessons. I noticed people staring at me and I could see they were wondering how I hurt my leg. A lot of people have asked about it, even kids who would never normally have spoken to me.
One of the most upsetting things when I broke my ankle was that I thought I wouldn't be able to go to Bath to see Cathy Cassidy's event at the Children's Literature Festival, which I'd been looking forward to for ages. Mum said we would still go - but she would drive us now rather than travel on the train; my nanny was coming along too and she borrowed a wheelchair which was really kind! We stayed in Bath for the weekend and stayed in an old house with three flights of stairs, but I managed it! The Sunday arrived and I was so excited to meet Cathy and hear all about Sweet Honey and the new books. The Guildhall was a magnificent building but lots of stairs again; everyone was very kind and helped me though. I had a fantastic time at the event - I took the quiz and I'm a cross between Skye and Coco.
Today I went back to the hospital and my cast can come off in two weeks - yay! I can't wait. I have been very lucky - I have a lovely family who have cared for me, and the best friends ever. Without Esme, Jess, Izzy, Poppy, Amelia and Els I would not have coped at school. They carried my bags, helped me up and down stairs, carried my lunch… what awesome friends I have! I realise now how lucky I am to be able to walk freely without relying on others. My next adventure will be learning to walk again, and physio! Wish me luck!

Cathy says:
I'm lucky enough never to have broken a bone, though I used to wish I could when I was little because I thought it might be cool to have a plaster cast. Now I'm not so sure! It was brilliant to meet Piper at the Bath Festival… and to sign her cast! COMMENT BELOW to tell us if you've ever had a serious injury, or to send your get well wishes to Piper!


  1. Luckily, I've never had any broken bones or serious injuries!

  2. I've never broken abone either and I feel pretty bad about it. Breaking a bone when I was child would have been so much easier than breaking a bone now. I think I'm indestructible. Very upsetting. My brother keeps breaking his nose though. I think he first broke it when he was about six and it was pushed out of place and then he broke it again and it went back to its original position then he broke it again and it was pushed out of place again - and so on! I believe he's also broken a few fingers and his coccyx (tailbone) has crumbled away to nothing. His combination of dyspraxia, violent friends and failure to look where he's going has not worked well for him!
    Blue. :-)

  3. I sprained my ankle pretty bad but havn't actually broken anything but I was still in crutches which was really annoying as I went into the kitchen once that had just been mopped and slipped over! I also ruined the rest of the day out for my mates because we where at a adventure park but they have forgiven me lol. Smiles Rosiexxx Get well soon Piper! X

  4. I had surgery on my knee 2 years ago because there was something wrong with my joint. It sucked not being able to move around as much, but there are perks. I didn't need to participate in my school cross country!

  5. I crushed my finger in the door at my 8th birthday party then had an operation on my finger on my birthday. I had it in a mini cast for 2 months and my teacher said I was an attention seeker and I ruined my birthday on purpose!!!!!!

  6. Very nice purple cast.Did she take the cast off?Hope she feels better and doesnt have any pain.



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