Monday 6 October 2014


I'm part of a protest against the closure of ELEVEN Liverpool libraries just now… and I wanted to ask YOU what libraries mean to YOU… I LOVED your replies!

Ciara says:
I love libraries - you have to spend ages looking through the shelves to find THE book! And then you get to read the next few days away. I still go to the library… it's free, it's quick and if you want some peace and quiet it's the one place you can be sure to find it!

Lorna says:
Libraries are where I used to feel at home, where I used to come alive. They were where I really bonded with people and were somewhere my gran and I could go together. I loved my school library too, it was my escape!

Rachel says:
Libraries are great - if they don't have the book you want, they will order it in for you!

Grace says:
A library is like a second home. I spend all my spare time at the college library with my boyfriend, just reading and talking about books.

Deborah says:
The library is where my love of books started. I loved going there so I could read another book after I finished the ones they gave us in school, so my reading skills got better and the Summer Reading Challenge always kept me busy in the six weeks of holiday time. The library is like my home, the start of my life.

Alison says:
Me and my kids love our library. My daughter does the book challenge every summer; I borrow books that help them with their homework; I pop in and see people learning new things, old and young people, maybe for five minutes, maybe for hours. The wonderful librarians have watched my children grow up, from reading picture books to reading Harry Potter. Libraries are wonderful, understated places where you can relax and read; we need them!

Molly says:
Libraries have so many books - you'd never be able to get all those different types of books from a shop, so libraries give you choice. Some children can't afford to buy books at all so the library is the only place they can get to read…

Blue says:
Mum got us library cards at a young age. Once a fortnight, she'd grab her sturdiest bag and we'd head to the library, a beautiful, historic building, to return and borrow books. I started with picture books and progressed through short fiction and by twelve years old was devouring Jodi Picoult and Dr Who novels. When I was six I got a video of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for my birthday and my first stop after viewing it was the library to find the books! Libraries are as much to do with my voracious reading habits as Mum's encouragement. In secondary school, my friends and I hung out in the library at lunchtimes - it was a safe, familiar environment. I'm a book geek… the library is my natural habitat!

Laura says:
It's a portal shop… it gives you wormholes to another place for free… with a piece of card! What could be better?

Stephanie-Jade says:
Libraries are really useful. I need to do a heck of a lot of research for my A levels and they are really useful to get my information from!

Cat says:
Libraries are my home away from home… they are a good place to lose yourself in, and contain the most wonderful books that you can practically fall into.  Libraries are usually beautifully quiet so a person can read, write or draw. I LOVE libraries!

Cathy says:
What do YOU think? COMMENT BELOW to tell me what libraries mean to you… and if you want to help stop the closure of the eleven Liverpool libraries, please SIGN THIS PETITION made by fab reader & campaigner ELYSCE. Every signature helps, so sign and share if you can! Why not send Cathy a library card selfie like the fab girls above? You can email it through the link  here. And show some love to YOUR local library… go and borrow a book today and help to keep it open!


  1. I love libraries too! They're a place to escape and forget about everything, by simply reading a book! I signed Elysce's petition from the blogpost she had posted before. I really hope they don't close the libraries down, :(. Hamdi:)xxx

  2. I would live in a library!!!!!
    Libraries are my life!
    I can't believe anyone would do such an evil thing as shutting one down!
    Rosa xxx



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