Wednesday 8 October 2014


We asked readers to tell us about their favourite shoes... and we got some great shoe stories!

Olivia says:
Dr Martens are fabulous, OK? Nobody can argue with that. Not only are they the most beautiful pairs of shoes to ever walk the earth, but boy do they stand out! And that's by far what I like the most about them. When you're wearing a brightly coloured pair of Docs, you are guaranteed to get a nice comment from a random stranger, which always brightens my day. I got my first Docs for Christmas 2012, a bright pink pair; then a pair of black Dr marten shoes, which I still wear for school; and these blue boots were for Christmas 2013. As a girl who has always been afraid to stand out, wearing Docs has finally given me the confidence to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks. I love my Docs because they make me feel INDIVIDUAL. Especially with a pair of Swings on them!

Marjolaine says:
These are my lucky shoes! My sister bought them from Primark... they were reduced from £7 to £3 but when she got to the till they were just £1! I loved them, and of course that was the start of them being my good luck charm! Today at the Lyceum Youth Theatre I was called over to talk about an audition for a part in the American TV show Outlanders being filmed in Scotland - I hope the good luck holds!
Eilish says:These are my new $5 Op Shop shoes… that's about £3 for anyone in the UK, and an Op Shop is a charity shop! Honestly, I LOVE them! Summer's coming on (I live in New Zealand!) so these are perfect - I can still look cool while not cutting up my feet walking around town. A few people think they're ugly, but they're just jealous I think. When I get a pair of new shoes, I wear them until they fall apart, so currently me and my shoes are going on all kinds of adventures. The photo was taken while I was exploring a stream, climbing boulders, jumping the water. They passed the test, as my feet didn't get wet! Now they just need to pass the test of skateboarding through town…

Deborah says:
My favourite shoes are my black knee-length boots. They go with everything and mean a lot to me emotionally too! In Year 8 I had a favourite teacher, Mrs W - she was the best, and she used to wear cool black knee-high boots with everything. At the end of the year she told me she was leaving to teach in Dubai and I was so upset - I just didn't want her to go. Of course, she did - teachers come and go. Around Christmas time my sister asked what I'd like as a prezzie and I thought of the black boots; we found almost the exact pair in New Look and bought them for me! Now I wear them pretty much everywhere and I love having that memory of my brilliant teacher!

Krissi says:
My boots are vintage… I think they're from the 30s or 40s, and they cost £25 from a vintage shop. I'm a student, so that was about as much as I'd spend on a pair of shoes - money is tight! They have a small heel and are the softest, most comfortable boots I have ever had… I love them. They also look amazing with everything, and at this time of year I like to layer them up with thick socks which keeps my feet warm too. I'm really sad because the soles are now starting to come loose after eighteen months of constant wear… I've tried glueing them, but I think these boots could be on the way out at last. I'm gutted… not sure I'll ever find another pair I love so much.

Cathy says:
Do YOU have a fave pair of boots or shoes? Tell me about them or email me a piccy… and COMMENT BELOW to tell me which of the pairs above you'd most like to have, and why!


  1. Wow all of these shoes are amazing! Tomorrow in my school its 'walk in my shoes day' to raise money for mental health as part of our schools 'happy week'. We all have to wear are coolest shoes and give €1 to charity!:):)

  2. my faves are the docs and vintage boots. I'm a lace up boot girl, obviously. my fave shoes are my silver lace ups with a small heel, and are really comfy. if my foot grows again (mine just won't stop!) I'll try and stretch my boots by breaking them in when my foot grows! I've never seen a pair like my boots yet, so I'll try ebay. either I find a pair really like my boots or stretch all shoes, though!



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