Friday 3 October 2014


There's a brand new e-book short out now… an exclusive extra to the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, written from the viewpoint of Jamie Finch… and guess what? It's only 99p!

Cathy says:
It has been lots of fun writing this year's e-book shorts, each one from the point of view of one of the boyfriends or friends in the series. And not only have the e-books shown us what these characters are like, they have also taken the story in new and unexpected directions!

The whole idea of writing a short 'extra' story began with BITTERSWEET, one of the special World Book Day books from 2013, which told a story from the viewpoint of Shay Fletcher. Next it was Alfie's turn to have his say - his book, CHOCOLATES & FLOWERS, had a slightly ironic title but a really emotional storyline which showed us how Summer was getting on in the battle with her eating disorder. Next was HOPES & DREAMS which told the story of Jodie, Summer's ballet school friend, as she struggles to accept that she's good enough to take the dance school place that should have been Summer's.

MOON & STARS is the latest of the e-books, out NOW… and it tells the story of Jamie Finch, Skye's handsome, vintage-loving long-distance boyfriend. Finch is a popular, confident boy who dreams of being an actor, but lately his perfect life is coming unstuck. Finch has a secret - and a choice to make that could turn his whole life upside-down. This book may shock and surprise you, but I think you'll love the mystery that always follows whenever Finch is around. The book is set around Halloween, so there'll be lots of cool Tanglewood party atmosphere to enjoy, too! MOON & STARS is just 99p in the Kindle store… that's a bargain! If you don't have a Kindle or a Kobo or an e-reader of some sort, borrow one from a friend or parent, or see if you can read via your ipad or mobile phone… but don't miss out on this story. Things are hotting up over at Tanglewood… read it and see!

Have YOU read any of the CC e-book shorts? COMMENT BELOW to tell us which one is your fave - or to suggest which character Cathy should write about next!


  1. Wow this was amazing only bad thing was I finished it in half an hour!! Thank you Cathy! I think you should write a book from Milly's point of view next!! Laoise xx

  2. I haven't read it yet, but I already know it will be amazing! Are you going to write anymore mini books, Cathy? If so, from who's point of view? It would be good having one from Lawrie's point of view :)

  3. I can't wait to get moon and stars! Hamdi:)xxx

  4. i pre odered this book on my kindle so got to read it as soon as it came out!
    can you do some more e books for: Tia, Millie, Lawrie and Ash.
    it would b so cool!

    M x

  5. yes i love reading bittersweet! i like that you did it from a boys point of view. Are you going to to write anymore minis?

  6. i enjoyed reading chocolates and flowers... and the rest of the chocolate box girls! lol



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